5 Reasons Why Shah Rukh’s Era In Bollywood Is Over!

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. All the three Khans entered this industry almost during the same time, they have recreated this industry in their own way and since then they haven’t looked back. One of them is Shah Rukh Khan who has won millions of heart in this nation and as is known as King Khan. Whatever he achieved was due to his own hardship and without any alliances, he has reached so far, but somewhere during the past years, his Bollywood career has seemed to get pretty dull. What do you think might be the reason? So let’s know about it.

So here are some facts that might be the reason for Shah Rukh’s downfall in career nowadays!

1. Selection of movies

5 Reasons Why Shah Rukh's Era In Bollywood Is Over!

During the past years, Shah Rukh Khan has completely failed to impress his audience with any of his movies. The bold and romantic character of Shah Rukh Khan and now vanished and his choice of movies during the past years was a disaster like Jab Harry Met Sejal, Raees, Dilwale, Zero. These movies weren’t meant for Shahrukh Khan and such roles couldn’t please his character nor his fans, so he should carefully pick his movies.

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2. Age factor

Shah Rukh Khan has turned 53 years old now and some roles don’t suit his age as well as his character now. A decade ago it may seem well and fine but things change with growing age, he has worked for a long time in Bollywood and now he has served his purpose. Even a cricketer retires after serving his purpose, so actors should also know where to stop and where not to.

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  1. Strongly disagree with this…accepted that those are mistakes he did in the past…but he also knows that very well, he is smart enough to understand this and know how to overcome it…so he ll come back like a king…with a bang…just wait and watch


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