Jensen Ackles Becomes Batman! Makes Fans Wonder When They’ll See Him In DCEU

Welcome to Humor Nation. It’s Halloween! Everyone is dressing up as their favorite character, some people dressed up the Winchesters! But who did Dean Winchester dress up as? Jensen Ackles has shared pictures of him putting on the cape of the dark knight.

Jensen Ackles Becomes Batman! Makes Fans Wonder When They'll See Him In DCEU

Jensen Ackles shared pictures of him wearing the Batman costume on his Instagram handle.

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Wishing everyone a Happy and Long Halloween! Thanks to @arachnobite for this crazy, awesome suit and for convincing me to take these pics. (Didn’t think the hotel was gonna let us on the roof…glad they did). Stay safe out there, kids. #batman #longhalloween

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With this dress-up, Jensen surely is earning a reputation for his high-quality Halloween costumes. The Supernatural actor dressed up as Red Hood last year. That was also a nod to this portrayal of Red Hood in the critically acclaimed 2010 released animated film ‘Batman: Under the Red Hood’. Jensen did an amazing performance in the movie with his voice-acting. And that is the reason why many of his fans have lobbied DC to cast the actor as Red Hood in DCEU. Even though DC has no plans to introduce Red Hood character into the DCEU, but that didn’t stop Jensen from choosing to become Batman.

With his latest dress-up as a DC character, everyone is wondering if there’s a possibility to see him in the DCEU in the future. It’s rare to see a TV actor land up in high profile films like The Batman, but Jensen has proved through his voice acting in DC animated Universe that he is a brilliant actor and can nail any role which is given to him. As Supernatural is in its final season, the show is coming to a close, Jensen Ackles surely will have plenty of amazing opportunities to take on new characters and roles in the future.

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