Jensen Ackles Comments On The Future After Season 15, Hints A Comeback!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Supernatural is going to end after season 15, but we know one thing for sure, nothing truly ever ends on Supernatural. So when the Supernatural cast was present at the Television Critics Association for the press tour, the comments of Supernatural lead actor Jensen Ackles hinted at a revival.

Supernatural Jensen Ackles comments future

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Speaking about the 15 year-long journey of Supernatural, Jensen said,

It’s a long journey that I don’t think is ever going to be over. I think we’re just going to go away for a while. For how long, I don’t know.

This surely gives the indication that Jensen Ackles is open to a Supernatural movie or maybe a limited series revival down the road after the show ends. Jensen Ackles clearly said that he’s never ever ready to burn bridges or close the doors. He further clarified what he meant,

Am I saying there’s something in the works? No. Am I open to having a conversation in the future? What’s the harm in that?

Jensen also talked about swan-song of season 15 which will premiere on October 10. He said it’s impossible to please everybody, but for the majority of the fans who have been a part of the journey will be pleased and feel right and good with the finale.

The CW network has always said that Supernatural would run as long as the showrunners and the cast have the passion and good stories for it. The show will air its 15th season which shows how far they have come. They have tried everything they could, all kinds of storylines. The cast and the showrunners don’t want to drag the show and make it mediocre just for the sake of keep going. But considering the fandom and the passion of the cast, it’s probable that we will see the revival of Supernatural at some point in the future.

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