Jensen Ackles Reveals He ‘Had Trouble’ Dealing With The Supernatural Ending!

Supernatural is going to end soon. This news is hard to digest for the loyal fans who have been a part of this 15-year-long journey. While the fans have trouble accepting the news of Supernatural ending, it looks like the lead actor Jensen Ackles who plays the character of Dean Winchester also had a hard time digesting the conclusion of the show.

Jensen Ackles Reveals He 'Had Trouble' Dealing With The Supernatural Ending!

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The cast of this hit fantasy drama who have been a part for a long time also has mixed feelings regarding the show’s fate.

But according to Jensen Ackles, he had to make “a few phone calls” to help him understand certain things.

While speaking to Digital Spy and various other media channels at the San Diego Comic-Con, Jensen talked about his reaction to the scripts concerning the show’s conclusion. He said,

“To be honest, I had trouble digesting it. It took me a while to understand. It didn’t come to me on my own – I made a few phone calls to some folks to get their opinion, and asked them, ‘Why am I tripping over this?’ and I realized I’m just too close to it.”


Jensen revealed how he is too close to the story of the show, he is close to the people around. And any sense of finale to this long journey is discomforting, he simply wasn’t going to accept it. But luckily Jensen has found some clarity on the outcome of the show. He believes it’s a perfect way to go and has found comfort in the thought.

So what about you guys? What are your thoughts about Supernatural coming to an end? The show first aired in 2005. The final season of the show will consist of 20 episodes and will air on October 10, 2019.

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  1. I don’t want this Awesome show to end either! I love it since it first aired and I always will. It’s my #1 show like Ever !! We the fans are so sad and disappointed about it all. We don’t want the show to end! We love the actors and the especially their characters. We love the drama, suspense, comedy, action and the love for each other as family. I mean it’s freaking just Awesome !! Please reconsider and don’t cancel the show! It’s the Best show Ever!! Love the show, love the actors and the characters! We beg you all Please stay on ! Thanks Jack.


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