Facts About John Wayne Gacy: The Evil Clown Out Of A Real Life Horror Movie!


As time went on more and more boys were lured in and assaulted by Gacy. After paying an employee to beat one of his victims to stop them from testifying, Gacy was arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison, his wife divorced him and he lost his management career. Unfortunately, Gacy wasn’t done.


Only 18 months later, he was released on parole after becoming a model inmate he returned to Illinois and moved back in with his mother. It seemed as though prison time could not deter his desires as he continued to sexually assault teenage boys and later one reported Gacy to the police. He was never actually convicted for these crimes because the boy failed to show up to the court to testify. His mother later bought Casey a home just outside of Chicago, the last home he would ever own and the home where dozens of young boys would lose their lives.

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By 1972, he was remarried and was making a decent living with his own construction business. He became loved in his community and eventually joined a new organization ‘ The Jolly Jokers’ a group addressed as clowns to entertain a children’s hospitals and birthdays. After joining, Gacy he created his own clown persona – Pogo, The Clown. He took his role very seriously and would even do some of his day to day activities dressed as Pogo.


His wife became worried after noticing Gacy bringing teenage boys back to his house and even found gay pron hidden in his home. She later divorced Gacy. That same year would also be the year that John Wayne Gacy became a murderer.


Gacy lured a young boy named Timothy McCoy back to his home to spend the night. The next morning he attacked the boy after seeing him wielding a knife, Gacy managed to get the knife off of Timothy and stabbed him to death. However, Timothy was only using the north to prepare breakfast for Gacy. Despite his mistake, Gacy took pleasure from killing the boy and knew he had to do it again. He buried Timothy under his house but managed to control his desire for another two years until he killed again.

John Wayne Gacy: The Evil Clown Out Of A Real Life Horror Movie!


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