How Johnny Sins Became An Adult Entertainer!

How Johnny Sins Became An Adult Entertainer!

Hey guys! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Today it’s going to be all about the legend and Internet sensation ‘Johnny Sins’.

Family And Background Of Johnny

He’s originally from Pennsylvania and grew up in a medium sized town outside of Pittsburgh. Johnny’s dad, awesome work ethic, worked at office of steel mill, and worked a double shift to pay Johnny’s and his sister’s college fees. He had a really great childhood although there was one thing that he didn’t like in his childhood. Johnny’s parents would instruct him to back home every night at 5:30 PM for dinner. Johnny hated it at that time because he’d be out in the woods playing with my friends. And when he got older it was probably doing stuff that he shouldn’t be doing, but later he realized that it was such a positive thing.

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How He Started Working Out And Became A Fitness Freak

He started working out when he was nineteen! Growing up as a teenager he was a scrawny kid probably weighed one thirty five or one forty and he was a shy kid too. So it was like he had to do something to generate attention from the ladies! Therefore he started working out just in his house with like a little cheap weight set, a little hundred dollar weight set. Johnny did that for probably a year and it was kind of something he did you know look a little better.


But then once he got to college and he started going to the weight room that’s when he really got hooked on it. He started going every day and you know just reading and learning everything he could about exercise and diet. Sins just just wanted that knowledge so he did whatever he could to learn. Most people know him as being you know the ripped up, bald guy from adult entertainment, but the last two years in Hawaii he has been pretty content, pretty chill so he has gotten a little bit soft.

Career After College

After he graduated college he knew that he wanted to look out of Pennsylvania, shake the cold weather. When he was in college, someone actually planted the seed in his head into becoming what he is today. There was a girl that he had went to high school with was in the business and she told him that he would be perfect for the job. He was 21 years old in college and wasn’t really that interested at that time. So he got a job in construction, it was tough, it was six days a week, 10-12 hours a day.

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Getting into the adult entertainment industry has always been in the back of his head. So he started just answering ads and just doing whatever he could to to try to get in. So finally when he decided that adult entertainment was an option and he wanted to pursue so he left his job, packed all his stuff and drove out to LA.

Getting Into The Industry

Johnny found some gigs on Craigslist, but they didn’t pay him anything, he did it for free, but it was legitimate. If you’re trying to get into adult entertainment, remember 99% of ads on there are completely fake. And that’s why a lot of people are well, you have to do some stuff with a guy first, then you will get a girl, and get a contract. But it’s completely wrong, you don’t have to do M2M adult entertainment to break into the industry.

Johnny Sins

And when he got into the industry, it was too good to be true for him. Telling his parents was the hardest part for him. He didn’t tell them for a year, he lied to them about working other jobs just because he wasn’t sure if his career is going to last. So one day he finally decided to tell hem, called them, and told them everything. They were not sure at first, but Johnny’s sister helped him and convinced the parents that it’s not that abnormal in LA.

His Personality

Johnny is a pretty down-to-earth guy and his main goal in life is really to be happy and be stress free. He doesn’t believe in living other people’s rat race. Johnny always wanted to be nomadic and free to travel wherever he want to, pick up and live for a year here and there, and live free. He dislikes the kind of robotic life, day by day by day doing the same thing and not really enjoying life. He believes there’s more to life than the 9-5 job! What gets under his skin is when people tell him you have to do it this way, you don’t have to do it that way. He says that you can do it whatever way you want.

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Future Of Johnny ‘The Legend’ Sins

He’s in a really good place in his life right now and he believes that it’s only going to get better. Johnny started his own production company and having kids as students. He loves sharing his skills, knowledge, experience with others. He loves working out and be really healthy, he eats really healthy stuff. Yoga is one of the things that he likes to do which makes him feel young and healthy. Johnny is truly living life on his own terms, the way he wants to live it.

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