You Can Have Johnny Sins Abs, Stamina, And Energy By Doing This Workout

You might already be trying to beef up your biceps or get slim in the gym. In today’s age, it’s very important to live a healthy lifestyle and stay fit. Hello guys! How you doing? Welcome back to Humor Nation. Eating a good diet and exercising regularly, having a good workout daily is the only way you are going to find yourself in a shape that you desire.

Exercise is very important, it gives you energy by creating more endorphins that rush around your body, as a result it boosts you up. It will give you energy throughout the day, by lifting weights, doing strength exercise or cardio, it burns the calories and the energy within them. So when you exercise the endorphins get released in your bloodstream which keeps you energized through out the day. Not only that!

Exercise and a good workout can also make you happier and smarter. When you do a workout, the levels of a chemical called SEROTONIN in your brain are boosted, this results in clarity of thinking, an improved memory, and a good mood.

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So with that being said, let’s get started! Every guy wants to be like Johnny Sins! Everyone wants to have a fit physique like him. So today we are gonna take a look at a workout which will give you toned abs and a fit body in just months. Johnny works out in a gym five days a week and does cardio. He calls it the HIIT cardio and ab workout which will help you get toned.

12 Minutes ABS WORKOUT

1. EXERCISE 1: BALL-V PUSH UPS! (4 Minutes With 20 Sec Work & 10 Sec Rest)

You will need a ball and a mat. For this exercise you want to keep your legs straight as possible, on the way up pretty grab it with your hands. Then bend your legs and crunch up, grab the balls with your feet. Back down and again back up.

Impact: It works the lower abs with the feet coming up and upper abs with the crunch.

2. Mountain Climbers (4 Minutes With 20 Sec Work & 10 Sec Rest)

You Can Have Johnny Sins Abs, Stamina, And Energy By Doing This Workout

Push on the mat and regular shoulders on the nice straight line. You wanna begin and bring up the feet into your chest as far as possible and then with the alternate side.

3. PLANK ( 4 Minutes With 20 Sec Work & 10 Sec Rest)

Do it on your elbows, get into a nice straight line. Stretch your legs and just hold the position. It will work your abs.

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1. Jump Rope (4 Minutes With 20 Sec Work & 10 Sec Rest)

Start with jump rope, four minutes jump rope, 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest.

2. KETTLEBELL SWINGS (4 Minutes With 20 Sec Work & 10 Sec Rest)

It is one of the greatest and beneficial exercises if it is done in the right way. Get in the standing plank position, then in the hip hinge position, bend it in the tabletop position. And you could also use the swing.

3. RUNNING (4 Minutes With 20 Sec Work & 10 Sec Rest)

You don’t any equipments or gym to do this exercise. Just run, simply run as far as you can, for as long as you can. You don’t necessarily have to do these exercises, you can do treadmills, ellipticals, running at play you know squat jumps any kind of cardio works. Now after this hard workout, get yourself a treat, get rest. And pay attention to your diet. Diet matters just as much as the exercise in keeping the body fit and healthy.

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