Just How Well Do You Know The Salvatore Brothers?

Not only did The Vampie Diaries become CW's most popular TV series, but the show had one of the most loyal and passionate fandoms at that time. 

Welcome to Humor Nation. Stefmon, Stamon, Defan or The Salvatore Boys, the duo of Stefan and Damon are known by many names. The relationship between the brothers has changed over the years. The brothers were best friends at first and then they became enemies due to a vampire named Katherine. But the brothers became close to each other due to Elena. The brothers are pretty close and are willing to do anything for each other.

Just How Well Do You Know The Salvatore Brothers?

How Well Do You Remember Season 1 Of The Vampire Diaries?

Stefan and Damon were born to Lilian and Giuseppe Salvatore. The brothers were best friends, but when a young woman entered their lives, they soon developed a rivalry for the girl. Little did they know that the girl was a vampire and turned the brothers into vampires.

The Vampire Diaries has so many interesting characters, but the main characters are Paul Wesley’s Stefan Salvatore and Ian Somerhalder’s Damon Salvatore. They are actually two centuries-old vampires with a lot of history. It has been a long journey of 8 years and over 171 episodes and a lot has happened with the Salvatores. What’s more ironic that the brothers have a tendency to fall for the same girl. They always end up falling in love with the same girl as in the 1800s they fell in love with Katherine and later they fell for Elena Gilbert.

So Check Your Knowledge And Find Out Just How Well Do You Know The Salvatore Brothers?

So did you manage to pass the Salvatore quiz? Only a truest TVD fan can remember all the affairs and events of the Salvatores. If you didn’t then you’re not a true fan of Vampire Diaries.
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  1. Just saying, Damon killed Jeremy and Stefan, they comeback to life ofc, but he still kill them.
    And yes, in the past Stefan had a romantic relationship with Rebekah, but maybe you forgot that she also slept with Damon, they didn’t stay together and she torcher him.
    Sorry about the spelling.


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