Keiran ‘Nunchaku’ Lee: The Man Who Is Faster, Quicker, And Athletic Than Bruce Lee

Welcome to Humor Nation. Bruce Lee is without a doubt one of the most physically fit human beings to have ever walked on this planet and there are so many amazing facts about this legendary martial artist. It is said that Bruce Lee could catch a fly easily with his bare hands, people were skeptical of his skills, but he showed off the skill occasionally to shut down the doubters. Bruce Lee could throw a punch faster than a person blinking his eyes. You might see the footage of him demonstrating his punches and kicks at the ‘ultra-instinct’ speed.

Bruce Lee

Even the films of Bruce Lee had to be slowed down in order to see the martial artist movements. Bruce Lee would move amazingly fast which was difficult for the cameras to capture. The cameras used back in the day were way too slow when compared to the speed of Bruce Lee. The actor had to be slowed down twice for the cameras.

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Sadly, Bruce Lee died young and the world lost a great martial artist. And the world thought that it could never ever see someone like the great Bruce Lee, his speed, his talents, his quickness was forever lost. But then a miracle happened.

Bruce Lee was a great man, a legend. But now arguably there’s an even more athletic, fit, quicker legend in this world.

Kiran Lee’s has earned a mythological status. He has broken down thousands of doors with his talent. For his amazing work, this man should be given an honorary Ph.D.’s in orthodontics, gynecology, and proctology. It’s not hard to understand why Kiran is such the big star that he is today. Aside from his looks, speed, quickness, wittiness, the man has a sense of humor, he also happens to have a ‘Nunchaku’ with the strength and endurance of a cheetah.

You might be surprised after reading this, but his ‘Nunchaku’ has been insured for up to one million dollars. But this instrument is so damn precious that women go crazy after seeing it.

Kiran Lee is a strong believer in the fitness of the body and the mind. He trains daily for hours! His training regimen is so hard and long that only a few men can last alongside him. Kiran Lee uses his special fitness training in helping the women who need a good and refreshing workout. This man not only makes the women flexible after his sessions but also shows them what they are capable of. The purpose of his life is to make every woman fit and flexible through his workout sessions. He aims to not only give them the physical bodily pleasure, but also an emotional peace. He believes that once women are satisfied then they will contribute greatly to society through their roles.

Wherever he goes, the first thing he notices in a woman is her…it’s the muscles! Take a look at how the master is star struck by the finely toned abs and a beautiful athletic body of this woman. Only a legend like him can appreciate the greatness. While the other guy is staring at the breasts of the woman, Kiran Lee is observing carefully and thinking in his mind about how much hard work, struggle, sweat it must have required for the woman to attain such muscles.

Even the fitness freak women are aware of the mastery skills of Kiran. They flood his inbox on Twitter, Instagram with messages and requests to get enrolled in his special workout programme. But he is very selective, he only chooses the elite, the few lucky and special women in his programme to teach them the secrets of ultimate fitness. Take a look at how the master is assuring the woman that she will find happiness in her life through the hard work which she’ll be doing in his special gym.

Take a look in the picture, Master Kiran Lee taking the fitness class of a woman. He can sense the stiffness in her body, he can see the lack of movement in her to move like water. Kiran Lee will give her the water after a good workout.

Keiran 'Nunchaku' Lee: The Man Who Is Faster, Quicker, And Athletic Than Bruce Lee

The secret to Kiran’s unbelievable fitness and long endurance has been a subject of interest even for the scientists and researchers. Many research studies have been conducted to find out the secret to his fitness. Even the doctors performed many medical exams on him to discover the physiology of this man.

They were surprised to find out that the secret to his quickness, agility, and inhumane fitness is his Nunchaku. Yes, you read it right! This man has a Nunchaku which is the source of his strength and long endurance. His Nunchaku is long, hard, and when it’s stroked, swung at full motion, it generates energy which powers this man. His Nunchaku can generate up to 2500KW of energy which can power many houses. But this great man uses this energy to remove the stress in women.

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