Klaus Mikaelson: 6 Differences Between TV Series And The Books


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Klaus in the books is born in Europe, to be more precise, in the country of Germany. Whereas Klaus in the series was born in the mystical land which would become known as Mystic Falls located in USA. In the books, Klaus came across Katherine in Germany whereas in the TV series he met Katherine in England. Klaus was requested by Katherine’s maid to help save her mistress who is dying. He would turn Katherine into a vampire and taught her to how to be evil. Also, Katherine tried killing Klaus, she believed that she succeeded and fled. Whereas in the series, it was Rose from the Klaus’ sireline who was tasked with keeping Katherine safe who eventually became the sire of Katherine.


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Klaus is an old one in the books. His existence and how he came into being is a mystery. His earliest memory is of the Bronze age (4500-3200BC). Klaus has fought in the Trojan War, he was also a part of the Great Alexander’s army. He was there when Julius Caesar died and played a role in the wars that led to the demise of the Roman Empire. Somewhere around 456 AD, he made a deal with the entity known was the Devil. In the books, he has always been a pure vampire. Whereas in the series, he was born a werewolf as a result of the affair between Esther & Ansel. He became an Original Vampire when Esther cast the immortality spell over the children. He is the first hybrid in the TVD Universe. His mother suppressed his werewolf side using a curse.


Klaus Mikaelson: 6 Differences Between TV Series And The Books
The CW

During the battle at the Fell’s church, Klaus is about to kill Stefan, Bonnie, and Damon. Bonnie calls upon the ghost of Elena who shows up along with the ghosts of Civil War soldiers. The soldiers then drag away the screaming Klaus with them, he is eventually destroyed. He is reborn by Ethan Crane. A vengeful Klaus resurrects all the deceased vampires and promises to kill Elena and all her friends with the help of his army. He tries again and again, but fails. When Klaus drinks the sacred blood of Elena, he ends up dying. Whereas Klaus in the TV series also fights the Mystic Falls Gang, but eventually calls a truce. His death comes in Originals Season 5 after he has absorbed the dark spirit of Hollow, and allows Elijah to dagger him, thus ending himself and the dark magic.

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