All You Should Know About Facebook Addiction Disorder!

If you call your son and he is ignoring you, check out his phone! He may have F.A.D i.e., Facebook addiction disorder. Yes! it's also a disorder.

If you call your son and he is ignoring you, check out his phone! He may have F.A.D i.e., Facebook addiction disorder. Yes! Like all other disorders, mental illness and OCDs, F.A.D is also recognized as a psychological disorder among the teenagers.

An American psychologist enlightened about the presence of this social media disorder in youth. There had been many cases since time about these Facebook addict teens who made their own lives hell. Some teen admitted themselves that Facebook addiction is like drug addiction, you crave for it.

There are some common symptoms which can be observed in a Facebook addict.

  1. More often social media presence: If a person is present over Facebook almost all time than there is a slight possibility that he/she might be in cage of this disorder.
  2. Only social life; social media life: Some teens completely forget about the real friends and society they have. They are always found engaged in some or the other face book activity, or chatting with some random unknown person who also they call their best friend. Some even tag people who are just their fb friend and never had seen them on real.
  3. Virtual dates: Some teens are found so obsessed with fb that even when people ask them to meet they give time to meet on facebook or chat on messenger. They never meet people.
  4. Insomnia: Lads who are so involved in such activities often found to have sleepless nights.
If you find your kid complaining about not getting proper sleep. Then you should surely take him to psychologist and asked about F.A.D.
  1. Language patterns: Also changes can be jotted down in the behavior of the addicts. They talk in pattern of fb memes and posts. They keep thinking about facebook activities all the time. Among groups or any conversational activities they use that language only .They keep nudging their friends in real and keep saying I should’ve tagged you or I will tag you in such or such post.
  2. Behavioral changes: anxiety, fears, panicking, furiosity keeps these teenager away from the wondrous things going around in reality.

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The best remedy would be self analyses of such teens. Their friends and family should spend more often quality times with them. They must encourage them to hang out in reality and help them realize that this addiction is taking over them. With love and affection and care, everything can be possible.

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