All You Should Know About Love Jihad!

Love Jihad
Love Jihad is allegedly said to be the mission operated by the radical Islamic terrorist organizations. This is also known as Romeo Jihad in which radical Islamic organizations targets young girls that are Non-Islamic and converts them into Islam religion by trapping them into false love commitment

Some people have forgotten the true meaning of Jihad.

Love Jihad is allegedly said to be the mission operated by the radical Islamic terrorist organizations. This is also known as Romeo Jihad. Within this mission, it’s the mission of the radical Islamic organizations targets young girls and women that belong  to Non-Islamic religion and convert them into Islam religion by trapping them into false love commitment. Love Jihad is a widespread epidemic which is gonna turn into apartheid-like South Africa very soon but luckily they got Mr. Nelson which we Indians aren’t having so far India has been a magnanimous country with a lot of resources but every time remained unused.

For instance, Chinese selling their Xiaomi at a rate lower than they sell in their markets this is called dumping to capture our market and render the Indian markets. Indian are believed to be very humle and innocent people. And due to the policy of universal acceptance and tolerance of the Indians, they also invite troubles. A recent comment from Jeff Bezos was that India is the best place to do business indirectly he meant that Indians can easily be cheated this is not the first time we are made culprits. From the time of Mughals to Britishers and now to our democracy we are so innocent regardless of having such talented guys serving other nation as brain drain.

The basic reason of this problem is the lack of maturity in youth. All of them want to be in the relationship as fast as possible without giving a second to think that whether they are mature for it or not and the reasons are well known. Those persons from radical Islamic organizations are using this Love Jihad, they hardly have any knowledge about true love or Jihad, they are doing so just because they are told to do so, they get money from their organizations and they are trapping innocent girls. The Best way to aware the girls to be mature and to know the difference b/w movies n reality and be cautious. When someone found to be guilty, he should be punished.

The terrorist organizations have direct involvement in LOVE JIHAD, the solution of this is to investigate everything about the guy at the time of interreligious marriages. So that there will be no such happenings and no one will be able to play with the sentiments of innocent girls. This can be really frustrating and heart-breaking for the girl, as she loved the guy truly. But, when she came to know that the guy doesn’t have any feelings for her and was only doing drama with her, then it can led the girl into depression. By spreading awareness about this issue. LOVE JIHAD can be easily eradicated from its existence.

The polarization of the vote in term of religion is a basic concept to establish the supremacy in our country. Love is the purest form of any relation, terrorism and the conservative need to be taken into concern who actually believe in disintegration of our country in religious basis. There are many political leaders that help these radical organisations to get political benefits at the time of elections by polarization. Youth need to be alert not influenced by such Jihad and women are pillars, not substance.

Well, the best solution is that the girl and the boy must take time to get to know each other well, as well as their respective families, then they should decide whether to marry or not and also let their families take the decision because marriage is one of the purest forms of relationship, it’s one in a lifetime decision and it has to be done very carefully. One should have proper knowledge about the person whom they are trusting.

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