Last Words Of Serial Killers That’ll Prove That They Had No Remorse And Were Evil

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. For the majority of people out there in the world, taking someone’s life is a big thing to do and that feeling of killing someone makes one regret of their doings. But for some people taking away someone’s life isn’t a big thing and even the last words of these serial killers showed the world that they had no heart, so let’s know about it more.

So here are the last words said by some serial killers that’ll prove you that they had no remorse!

10. Carl Panzram

Last Words Of Serial Killers That'll Prove That They Had No Remorse And Were Evil

He took away the life of 22 men and boys and raped about 1000 women and his last words were that he wasn’t sorry at all and he doesn’t believe in god, man or devil and hates the whole human race including himself.

9. Gary Lee Sampson

He had killed three people very badly and he said before dying that he had switched from stabbing to strangling as he was tired of getting stained by blood on himself.

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8. Aileen Wuornos

Aileen had shot seven men in Florida because they chose her as a prostitute and her last words said were that she killed these men as cold as ice and wants the world to know it. She also said that she hates humans and she killed them in a bit nasty way.

7. John Wayne Gacy

Gacy had tortured, assaulted and killed 33 men and boys and used to pick his next victim from the streets. His last words consisted that he could only run a funeral parlor without a license.

6. Edmund Kemper

Edmund had an IQ of 145 but still misused it and had killed his grandparents just for fun. His last words were that he felt good while pulling and popping heads of the victim’s body and then flipping it in the air while the body was sitting.

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