Leah Gotti – The Girl Who Will Put Your Balls On Fire

Welcome to Humor Nation. Another girl who has made a big name for herself at such a young age is Leah Gotti. Born in Sherman, Texas on 4 October 1997. Leah was sporty ever since she was a kid, she even captained her wrestling team when she was in high school. After graduating, she started working at a nightclub.

Leah Gotti - The Girl Who Will Put Your Balls On Fire

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In 2015, when she was 18 years old she decided to make a career as an actress in the entertainment industry. When she shared her decision to enter the entertainment industry with her family, his father got mad and stopped talking with her. But nonetheless, She soon got famous, her videos started getting record-breaking views and as a result, big banners approached her and offered her film contracts. Within two years, from 2015-2017, she had appeared in more than 109 films. Her successful career came to an end when she retired at the age of 20. At an age when many actresses start their career, Leah ended her career.

Leah Gotti - The Girl Who Will Put Your Balls On Fire

Leah Gotti is also known as Fiona. She weighs 55 kg and her height is 5 ft 2 in (157 cm). The color of her eyes if Hazelnut and her hair is brown. This young girl is also very smart. She earned the wrestling scholarship to attend college and studied major in biotechnology and minor in engineering. Leah has a tattoo on her left torso which is from the Bible of Proverbs 31:25 and there’s a ribbon. Speaking of relationships, Leah has a boyfriend who can be easily found on Facebook with name Juice Dinero.

So Let’s Take A Look At The Biography Of Leah Gotti – The Girl Who Will Put Your Balls On Fire


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