Legacies Quiz: How Well Do You Know Lizzie Saltzman?

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Lizzie Saltzman or Elizabeth Jenna Saltzman is one of the main characters of the show “Legacies” which is a spin-off of the show The Vampire Diaries. She and Josie are twins who were born in difficult situations. Their father is Alaric Saltzman and her biological mother is Josette while Caroline is their surrogate mother. They were transferred by magic into Caroline’s womb in The Vampire Diaries so that they could be safe from their uncle, Kai Parker.

Legacies Quiz: How Well Do You Know Lizzie Saltzman?

Lizzie Saltzman seems to be very mean in the Salvatore but the ones who know her well know that she has a good heart. She likes to be the center of affection and cares a lot for her parents and her twin sister Josie. Whenever there is any problem with them or on the school, she always steps up to help and she likes to be the hero. She hated Hope for a long time for that as Hope steals her spotlight sometimes and she hates when that happens.

Legacies Quiz: How Well Do You Know Lizzie Saltzman?

Legacies Quiz: How Well Do You Know Josie Saltzman?

She has had some love interests in the show as well like at first she really like Rafael who was a charming werewolf and was new to the world of supernatural. Lizzie tried to approach him but he had other interests. Once they hooked up in the gym but that was a one-time thing for him. Lizzie eventually got over him but felt bad that she couldn’t go out with him.

Then in the second season, she met a vampire named Sebastian who took away her heart in just a second. She fell for him instantly and even he liked her. Things got a bit crazy between them but she was really fond of him. We all thought Sebastian was bad for Lizzie but when he sacrificed himself to save Alaric, he really won her respect too and Lizzie felt heartbroken as the prison world collapsed with Sebastian in it. Let’s see what Lizzie has in store for herself now.

So with that take this Legacies quiz based on Lizzie Saltzman to know if you’re truly her fan or not. So let’s get started!

Legacies Quiz: How Well Do You Know Lizzie Saltzman?

If you're a fan of the show Legacies and Lizzie Saltzman, then you must take this quiz to see how well you observed the show and Lizzie.

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