List Of Bollywood Films That Are Based On Social Issues

3. Padman

Padman starred Akshay Kumar and a very important social message was spread through this movie. This movie showed that how women suffer each day while they’re on period and how are society treats and when they’re bleeding, some can’t even afford a sanitary pad as they’re expensive. We clearly saw the taboo and we hope that people learned something from it.

4. 3 Idiots

Social issue

This was a revolutionary movie that changed the view of complete Indian education system. We as viewers learned that we just need talent to prove ourselves as no degree can define us and that’s what we should focus on.

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5. Taare Zameen Par

Social issue

Through this film, we understood that how parents sometimes pressurize their children to score good marks and suppress themselves. Sometimes parents don’t understand what they’re missing and just blame it on their kids which isn’t fair.

6. Vicky Donor

Social issue

Vicky Donor was based on such a social issue that no one really talks about, that is sperm donation. People consider it disgusting but sperm donation is really helpful for those who face infertility. There is nothing wrong with artificial insemination and people should be taught about it.

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