List Of Bollywood Films That Are Based On Social Issues

7. Udaan

Social issue

This was such an amazing film that it became a part of the Cannes Film Festival and it was the first movie to do so. This raised the issue about those poor and middle-class children who want to follow their dreams and break free but face so many problems that are really hard to solve.

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8. Achhoot Kanya

Social issue

This is a very old film yet it spread Social Issues about how people used to discriminate people on the basis of their caste. In this film, a Brahmin boy falls for an untouchable girl and they fought against all odds and proved that there is no such thing as untouchability and love should have no boundaries.

9. Dor

Social issue

This film was based on the issue that how a woman is treated after the death of their husband in some areas of India. They live in worse conditions and no one hears their voice and this is what this film wanted to show us.

10. City Lights

Social issue

This film was based on the issue of unemployment and migration, it showed how people migrate to metro cities for employment and face worse problems there. This is a social issue and India should work on it and create employment opportunities for people so that they can survive and not indulge in false activities.

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