List Of Cheap Traveling Budget To India’s Neighboring Countries

5. Pakistan

If you want a taste of the Mughal culture, destination and food then you can go to Pakistan for a small vacation. Traveling budget to Pakistan is Rs. 10,000 per person.

6. Afghanistan

This country is not much famous for vacation but its worth a try and exploring its art and culture can be fascinating. Traveling budget to Afghanistan can be around Rs. 1,00,000 per person.

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7. Sri Lanka

If you want to enjoy yourself then Sri Lanka and its lovely beaches can really help you in doing so. Even the wildlife over there are really great and it is surely a place for adventure. Traveling budget to Sri Lanka can be Rs. 50,000 per person.

8. Nepal

Nepal is a good place for those who love hills and like staying near to nature and its delightful peace. The Himalayas over there feel like they’re calling us and the traveling budget to Nepal is around Rs.10,000 per person.

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