10 Amazing Quotes From Lucifer That Will Make Your Day

Welcome to Humor Nation. We’ve watched a lot of shows through the years but few have been as devilishly fun as Lucifer. If you’re not familiar this show combines elements of the case of the week detective dramas with biblically influenced stories and imagery. It’s an exciting romp featuring human, Celestials, demons, and angels in are definitely deserving of a binge watch. Season 4 dropped on Netflix so you can do just that. And after the incredible and shocking ending, we can’t help but wonder what’s next the creators have written themselves into a corner with this ending. Today we have brought to you some amazing Lucifer quotes from the various seasons of the show.

So Let’s Take A Look 10 Amazing Quotes From Lucifer That Will Make Your Day

1. The Devil is always there to save the day. Yes, he does deserve a little pat on the back.

Lucifer Quotes

2. Well, children are indeed beautiful and amazing, but they can be so annoying at times. They are a big responsibility.
Lucifer Morningstar quotes

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3. When you make a deal with the devil, you just have to deal with it.
lucifer quote

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