Lucifer Season 5 Will Come For The Fans Because They Can Make It Happen Says Maze!

Welcome to Humor Nation. Lucifer has become one of the most binge-watched shows on Netflix right now. A week ago Netflix released the fourth season of the show and it didn’t take long for the fans. The fans completed watching all the ten episodes of the latest season on Netflix as soon as they can.

Even after finishing the show, the fans didn’t stop and rest, they bombarded the internet with a very serious question, “WHEN WILL WE GET SEASON 5 OF LUCIFER?”. They started taking over the Twitter with #RenewLucifer #SaveLucifer hashtags. This sounds kinda familiar because when FOX Cancelled Lucifer after the brilliant and shocking season 3 Cliffhanger, the fans started a revolution on the Internet which prompted the Netflix to pick up Lucifer.

Lucifer Season 5 Will Come For The Fans Because They Can Make It Happen Says Maze!

Lucifer has the best fans in the world because they just want more and more…and more from the show. This time they have again started a campaign on the Internet and is letting Netflix know what they want. Since Netflix believes in serving the content that fans want.

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Season 4 of the show ended with a shocking and emotional cliffhanger. Many fans are worried about what would happen next and could they get to see their favorite stars again? The fans started the discussion on Season 5 and they simply mean business. They want to know the release date of Season 5 of Lucifer and the plot-line.

Lucifer Season 5 Will Come For The Fans Because They Can Make It Happen Says Maze!

Beautiful actress Lesley-Ann Brandt who plays the role of Maze AKA Mazikeen, a demon from hell who came to Earth with Lucifer has become an integral part of the show. Her latest comments might just have confirmed that there will be a season 5.

In an interview given to the MEA Worldwide. When the actress was asked about the Season 5 and what the fans could expect from it, she said,

“I think we might. Our  [lucifer] trailer has got four million views, which is so crazy and at the same time it was humbling. I hope so (that there is season five) as there is so much story that we could tell, and the way we ended the season 4, it was on a massive surprising cliffhanger. So, I just don’t see how we don’t have a season five.”

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Last time when FOX cancelled Lucifer, it was Mazikeen who motivated the fans to take the fight, to let their voices be heard to the bosses of the channel, to let them know what the fans want. Speaking to HollywoodLife, she said,

“it is a very epic, epic, epic cliffhanger. If you thought that season three cliffhanger was big, then this one is pretty darn amazing. It leads us to — how can we not do a season five?  take the story further Fans are going to be salivating and begging for more absolutely. I mean, I feel like we’re  [FANS] going to break the internet and possibly break Netflix. They  [fans] are going to let their voices be known to Netflix.”

It means that you can expect another Season of Your favorite Lucifer, i.e. Season 5, is coming for you. Of course, you have to wait because there is no official confirmation by the showrunner and Netflix. Since star has commented about the show, you don’t have to wait for official confirmation and release date of the show.

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