Mom, 63 And Daughters 41 And 36! Taiwanese Family Amazes The World With Their Youthful Looks

Mom, 63 And Daughters 41 And 36! Taiwanese Family Amazes The World With Their Youthful Looks

A family of four ladies in Taiwan has been grabbing thousands of eyeballs for their youthful appearances that if someone told you their real and genuine ages, it may appear like a joke.

The ladies started becoming the headlines when 41-year-old Lure Hsu, a fashion blogger and interior designer shared her photographs on the Internet.

And soon the pictures stunned the Internet. People on the web found out that her mom and sisters look extremely youthful and in a very surprising way.

Left to Right: Sharon (36), their mom (63) and Lure(41)

Mom, 63 And Daughters 41 And 36! Taiwanese Family Amazes The World With Their Youthful Looks

From the photographs, their mom, who is a retired dancer, could easily be confused with an attractive model who’s in her 30s (or significantly more young), however her actual age is 63! Surprising, isn’t it?


Left to Right: Lure, Fayfay (40) and Sharon

Then, Lure’s sisters Fayfay and Sharon who are 40 and 36, and yet they look simply like some college studying students.

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Fayfay says that dad who is 74-years old looks very young! But since he’s shy, he doesn’t take his pictures with the family.

Hence the Taiwanese media have named them the “Frozen Family! The Eternal Youth Family”. But What could be their mystery behind their youth?


Lure Hsu who is 41-year old

It turns out the family works their enchantment with hydration and appropriate and balanced eating regimen.

According to an interview given by Lure to a local magazine, Lure said that the secret is to drink water and eat healthy vegetables.

She also said that the moisturizing helps a lot so that you don’t have to stress over maturing, aging and gaining wrinkles.

Fayfay, who happens to be a mom of two children, additionally focused on the significance of drinking water — and a whole lot of it. She drinks a glass of lukewarm water each morning for over 10 years as of now, having no less than 300 ml. And when she wakes up in the morning and before going to bed every night, she moisturizes her skin.

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Fayfay has two little girls, the girls are 8 and 10 years old. Fayfay also shared how she’s frequently confused as the girls’ elder sister.

Sharon Hsu has become a big name in Taiwan and has gained a celebrity like status. She uses face masks to remain hydrated after exposure to the sun and uses a premium on protecting her skin.

Curiously, she has started a beauty parlor in Taipei for the people who might want to remain young and stay beautiful as well. With such youthful looks, it’s not even a bit surprising that the Hsu family is turning peoples’ heads wherever they go or whatever they share on the Internet.

So guys! What do you think about this youthful, amazing, and attractive family of eternal youth people? I still have a hard time believing their real ages? Seriously what sorcery is this? Anyways guys feel free to drop in your opinions and views by commenting below the article. If you enjoyed the article, if you’re fascinated by this story then please share it with others. Thanks for reading. Like our Facebook page Humor Nation. Have a nice day!

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