When Maharaja Jai Singh Used Rolls Royce To Dispose Garbage

Welcome to Humor Nation. You must have heard many tales of whims and chic of Indian kings. The kings were ready to pay any price for their pride. In one of them King Jai Singh of Alwar, was angered so much from the British car manufacturer Rolls Royce that he bought all the cars from the showroom and put on the work of disposing of the garbage. In that era, the price of a car used to be in lakhs.

When Maharaja Jai Singh Used Rolls Royce To Dispose Garbage

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This story is set in the year 1920 when Raja Jai Singh was on the London tour and one day he was dressed up in plain clothes while touring the London’s Bond Street. In the meantime, he saw the Rolls Royce car showroom. These cars were attractive to see because of which Raja went to the showroom with the desire to see and buy the car.

Maharaja Jai Singh bought the Rolls Royce cars and made them corporation vehicles to snub the haughty Englishmen.

But the salesmen in the showroom treated t Raja as some common Indian he was treated with great disrespect, which made Maharaj very angry. After a few hours, the king again came to the showroom but this time he was not in ordinary clothes but he arrived in the majestic outfit.


This time, before entering the showroom, a beautiful red carpet was laid on the ground and all the salesmen were bowing their heads with great respect and greetings. Then the king purchased all the 7 cars in the showroom and returned to India paying the cost of cars.

After this, after returning home, Maharaja Jai Singh gave all the cars to Alwar municipality and ordered that every car should be used only in the state of Alwar to raise garbage and to carry away the filth and used in the cleanliness of the city. And this decision of the king soon went viral overnight in the world and this greatly affected the credibility of the company ‘Rolls Royce”.

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This news adversely affected the reputation of Rolls-Royce and the company’s sales were also affected. Gradually, there was an inferiority complex among the people across the US and Europe. In this way, the constant loss of the reputation of the company began to weaken the day by day, due to which the income of the company’s owner was weakened.

Because of this, the company sent an apology to the king in Telegram by apologizing to the king that he should not get rid of the Rolls Royal car. Not only this, the company sent 6 cars to Raja free of cost. When Raja Jai Singh found out that the Royal Royce has learned a lesson from the mistake, he felt satisfied that the company now feels embarrassed on their mistake, and then the king stopped cleaning the garbage from those cars.

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