One Or More Of These Marvel Characters Will Likely Die In Avengers Infinity War!

Hello folks, how you doing? Welcome back to another interesting article of Humor Nation. I don’t know about you, but I am super excited for the upcoming Avengers Infinity War. But here’s the sad part, we are definitely going to lose at least one amazing character. I know it is sad, but it’s necessary, and it’s bound to happen. It’s important to note that a couple of characters have been confirmed to be featured in Avengers 4, but we are talking about the comic books here. Dying in Avengers: Infinity War doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be featured in the sequel, you can with the infinity gauntlet in play.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Marvel Characters Are Most Likely Die In Avengers Infinity War!

10. Thanos

One Or More Of These Marvel Characters Will Likely Die In Avengers Infinity War!

Considering Thanos is the bad evil villain of the film, it’s no surprise that he will be the one who ends up being dead in the film. All the Avengers want him dead and it could well be that he ends up getting killed in the battle. Now does that mean he will stay dead? Probably not since the villains have a bad habit of coming back. Although he’s confirmed for the next Avengers film so he’d probably be coming back.

9. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is very likely to die in the film because the Vision’s affection might cause Scarlet to sacrifice herself. We could totally see her going beyond the limits, using her powers to stop Vision from losing the Mind Stone and end up dying in the process.

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8. Vision

Before even the trailer came out, we knew that Vision might die in the film since Thanos wants the gem and killing Vision would be the only way to get it as Vision won’t give up the gem easily. But who knows he might survive without the mind stone, he might lose his powers, but not his life.

7. Proxima Midnight

We see the Avengers battling the Black Order in the trailer and we see Black Widow stabbing someone which appears to be significant kill and that someone could very well be Proxima Midnight.

6. Black Order Members

In the comics, by the end of the infinity War, we saw most of the black order members were either dead or were resurrected. If one or more of the main heroes end up dying, we are going to need some vengeance and it will require some spectacular Black Order deaths.


5. Loki

We see Loki constantly hopping back and forth between good and evil, and this result in him end up getting killed. We see Loki giving up the Tesseract to someone in the trailer, probably it was Thanos to win his trust and be on his side. Loki’s death will be heartbreaking.

4. Drax

There are so many members of the Guardians and there are so many more who are looking for an opportunity to join the team. It is likely that one member of the guardians will die. And one member among the guardians who would risk even his life just to kill Thanos is Drax. He lost his family to Thanos and the sole purpose of his resurrection was to avenge his family.

3. Captain America

Captain America has been living on a borrowed time since he was supposed to be killed off in Civil War, but it was avoided. We know Chris Evans’ contract is expiring soon so it could very well be Cap’s one last fight. And now since Bucky isn’t bonkers anymore, he can be the next Captain America.

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2. Tony Stark

With Robert Downey Jr. contract is almost up, he’s thinking about leaving the franchise, so everyone is wondering if he would the one dying in Infinity War. Sure he’s confirmed to appear in the sequel, but they might do it like in the comics, the AI Tony which makes sense.

1. The Barton Family

Jeremy Renner will be returning as Hawkeye in the Avengers. Now here’s why the Barton family might die. We see a slight bit different version of Hawkeye which resembles to the Ultimate Hawkeye. And in the Ultimates story, his family was killed by Black Widow. Thanos have a mind controlling gem, he might control the Barton Family, and this would explain the change in Hawkeye.

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