Masood Azhar: The Mastermind Behind The Pulwama Attack! The Man Who Wants To Destroy India

Welcome to Humor Nation. Masood Azhar, the leader and founder of the terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed whose sole purpose is to separate the state Kashmir from India and then merge Kashmir with Pakistan. This group has carried out various attacks in the state of Kashmir. This group has close ties with Al-Qaeda and Taliban and been a close ally of them. The group continues to operate freely with its headquarters in Pakistan and at several locations under Pakistan administered Azad Kashmir. It was Jaish-e-Mohammed which was behind the Pathankot airbase attack in 2016. Pakistan denied its involvement in assisting Jaish-e-Mohammed.

Masood Azhar was the mastermind behind the Pathankot attack. The Pakistan authorities took him under the custody, but he was seen roaming freely in April 2016. India tried placing Azhar under the Counter-terrorism sanctions list of UN, but China voted against this move of India.

Masood Azhar: The Mastermind Behind The Pulwama Attack! The Man Who Wants To Destroy India

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Attacks Led By Jaish-e-Mohammed

On the day the terrorist organization was created, it was attacked two months later at the headquarters of the Indian Army at Badami Bagh in Srinagar. It was a suicide attack. After this, the attack on the Jammu and Kashmir Secretariat building was also attacked. In 2001, attacked the assembly of Jammu and Kashmir with a car filled with explosive material. In this incident, 38 people died. And In the year 2001, the attack on the Parliament and Pathankot in Punjab was the hand of this terrorist organization. At the same time, in the attack on army camp in Uri, this terrorist organization had the hand, in which 18 soldiers were martyred.

Attack On Indian Parliament

Masood Azhar: The Mastermind Behind The Pulwama Attack! The Man Who Wants To Destroy India

The 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament was carried out by Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba, Masood Azhar was behind it. The Pakistan authorities detained Masood Azhar for a year, but he was never charged formally. Then Lahore High Court put an end to his house arrest in 2002.

Pathankot Attack

In 2016, this terrorist group attacked the Pathankot air base in which 7 security personnel were killed. Masoor Azhar along with his brother was the mastermind behind the attack. The Indian security agencies had even provided the proofs of Masood’s involvement in the attack.

Pulwama Attack

This terrorist group again carried out an attack on India on 14 February 2019. A suicide bomb attack which resulted in the deaths of 42 CRPF personnel. A vehicle which was loaded with 350KG of explosives crashed into a bus carrying the CRPF personnel. A militant of Jaish-e-Mohammed was behind the wheel and an IED expert from Pakistan carried out this attack.

China Protects Masood Azhar

China takes a defensive stance every time India makes the efforts of placing the leader of Jaish-e-Mohammad, Maulana Masood Azhar, in the list of international terrorists of the United Nations. And China says there is no concrete evidence against Masood Azhar. American experts say that China’s efforts are causing serious harm to the relations between the two countries. China put an obstruction in the effort of France and Britain to put Azhar in the list of global terrorists in the United Nations.

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