Meet The Indian Snake Girl Who Sheds Her Skin Every 6 Weeks

Meet The Indian Snake Girl Who Sheds Her Skin Every 6 Weeks

You all might have heard about the legend of the snake girl or typically in Hindi known as the ” Icchadhari Naagin”. These “Icchadhari Naag” (male) or “Icchadhari Naagin” (female) are mythical shape-shifting snakes that are described in the Indian folklore. It is said that these mythical creatures gain their power after living for more than 100 years and not hurting or biting any humans in that time. For most of the time they live in the form of a human being.

Most of us has a mindset that would make us visualize a snake girl as someone who is a girl whose body is half snake and half human or a girl who can transform her body into large snake. There are many TV shows and movies available on these dissembler snake girls. However they all are fictitious, virtual creation of human mind.

But we have found a real snake girl who sheds her skin in every six weeks. Actually she is not a snake girl, but people call her “Snake Girl”.

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She is suffering from a severe disease named “Erythroderma”. The name of this girl is Shalini Yadav. Her father’s name is Rajbahadur Yadav and mother’s name is Devkunwar. Shalini is only 16 years old and lives in Nowgong, Chhaturpur district of Madhya Pradesh. She is suffering from Erythroderma in which the skin sheds off in every six weeks. She is currently being treated at a hospital in Spain.

Erythroderma is the term used to describe intense and an extremely bare skin disorder, characterized by normal scaling of the skin with underlying redness. It is often associated to exfoliation, it may also be known as ‘Exfoliative Dermatitis ‘ (ED). It can arise at any age and in people of all races.

The main symptoms of Erythroderma are Red scales like burnt spots on whole body, the skin feels warm to the touch, itching is usually troublesome and is sometimes intolerable. Rubbing and scratching leads to lichenification, eyelid swelling may lead to ectropion. Shalini Yadav who is just 16-year old, needs to constantly smear her body with moisturizer and have a bath every hour of day and night to prevent her skin from hardening. But her family financial condition is not so good that they can afford special treatment. Her body is similar to being severely burnt, from the sole of her feet to her head.

India based press agency ‘ Newslions’ highlighted her and due to this she got help from Spain. She is being treated for free at the Regional University Hospital and Virginia de La Victoria of Malaga. She had moved to Spain on 9th September 2017 for her further treatment.

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