11 Funny Memes Of Supernatural & Harry Potter Crossover!

Hey guys! Welcome to Humor Nation. Two of my biggest obsessions, Supernatural and Harry Potter! It’s a dream to see the both worlds meet, a crossover between the two universes. Imagine Sam, Dean, Castiel with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Wouldn’t it be fun? Voldemort teaming up with Lucifer LOL Bobby and Dumbledore teaming up. Well even if it’s just the fan fiction fantasy, but it surely would be fun if these two worlds meet.

So Let’s Take A Look At 11 Funny Memes Of Supernatural & Harry Potter Crossover!!

1. If Supernatural characters were sorted into the Hogwarts’ houses! No surprise that Crowley and Rowena would belong in the Slytherin house because of their cunning nature. Sam and Kevin will belong in the Ravenclaw because of their intelligence, wit, and wisdom. Dean Winchester and Charlie will be sorted into the Gryffindor house because of their courage and bravery. And Chuck and Castiel are meant to be in Hufflepuff.


2. The tale of three brothers; one died for power, one died for love, and one brother greeted death as an old friend.


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3. No! Hermione didn’t run, she showed real courage in the difficult times. Charlie Bradbury is our Hermione.

4. I totally didn’t see that coming. That’s why you should avoid the Winchesters company, they mean trouble.

5. Yeah! Call Albus Dumbledore, he surely knows a whole lot about the dragons and might be able to help the boys with the case.

6. This means Voldemort (Yellow Eyes) is near! Sammy Potter, the boy who lived.

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7. That’s what Hogwarts need! Now all the dark lords, death eaters should try attacking Hogwarts LOL


8. Jimmy, you’re a VESSEL! You’re meant to do great things! Terrible..yes..but great.

9. We have been asking the same question to ourselves for a long time now.

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10. Dean, stop lying! You love Harry Potter. You’re a huge fan.

11. Mick went to the Hogwarts.

13 Funny Memes Of Supernatural & Harry Potter Crossover!

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