Alok Nath, Nana Patekar, Vikas Bahal: 10 Celebrities Stuck In #MeToo Movement

Welcome to Humor Nation. #MeToo / also means ‘with me’= women who have sexual harassment of any kind, sexual harassment, or because of any man, they have felt insecurity in work place or on personal occasions; Not revealing the identity, it is said that this happened to me as well. In the US in October 2017, this hashtag became viral on social media and there were more than 100 strong people accused of such blame.

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The #MeToo movement in India has started with the entertainment industry, as did in the US. All these rumors are rising. Women are coming up with shocking revelations about well-known celebrities, those who talk of equal status of women and women in strong places. Sexual exploitation in work place, harassment So far, we are aware of the people who are accused of art and entertainment in India and what has happened in their cases.

So Let’s Take A Look At Alok Nath, Nana Patekar, Vikas Bahal: 12 Celebrities Stuck In #MeToo Movement

1. Nana Patekar

Alok Nath, Nana Patekar, Vikas Bahal: 12 Celebrities Stuck In #MeToo Movement

Accusation: In India, the beginning of the MeToo Movement came from this issue. Tanushree Dutta said in an interview on September 25, 2018 that during the shooting of a song on the set of film ‘Horn OK please’ in 2008, Nana Patekar tried to touch her wrongly and asked the choreographer to add some intimate dance steps in the song. He said that the people of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena were called out by Nana who surrounded her and if the police had not come, then what would have happened to her and her family?

2. Vikas Bahl

According to a female crew member of Phantom Films, during the promotional tour before the release of director Anurag Kashyap’s film ‘Bombay Velvet’, Vikas Bahl forced her under the influence of alcohol. The young woman was hurt and walked with the help of the Crutches. Vikas went to leave her in the room and then lay down on her bed. The girl said that he started acting as they could not get up. Many times she asked him to go, but he did not go. Then the young woman felt that Vikas has put his hand under her clothes. He then sexually abused her.

The girl complained about incident in October 2015 to director Anurag Kashyap, but no one did anything for two years. The girl said that Vikas continued to tease them even after that. In 2017 a newspaper published this story too.

3. Chetan Bhagat

A woman has made WhatsApp Chat public, in which Chetan appears to be appealing and flirting with her. The woman says that ‘Do not do everything else like every other married man, you are better than that.’ But Chetan still could not come out of his mood.

4. Rajat Kapoor

Two women have spoken about him in the #Metoo movement. A woman journalist claims that when she was interviewing him on the phone in 2007, Rajat asked him (Figure) measurement of her body. He also said that are you as sexy as your voice. The second lady said that when she was assisting Rajat 10 years ago in a film, she asked many times if she knows some empty house where they can both shoot alone.

5. Kailash Kher

Photo journalist Natasha Hemrajani said that she went to Kailash Kher’s house in 2006 to interview him along with her female colleague. There they were fortunate enough to sit near Kailash. In the entire conversation, Kailash used many excuses to keep his hand on Natasha’s thigh. They became very upset with it, but could not do anything.

Singer Sona Mahapatra has said that Kailash has misconducted with her many times. Once she was getting her from coffee café on coffee. The two of them were supposed to perform in a concert. There Kailash placed his hands on his thigh. Along with that, these lines were said – “You are very beautiful. I’m very glad you found a musician (Composer Ram Sampath, Partner of Sona) and not an actor. Once they both went to perform in Dhaka, Kailash started calling them again and again. She was going in the van with the organizers. When she did not respond to Kailash’s calls, Kailash told Sona through the organizers’ phone that leave the sound check, come to my room and we will sit together.

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