Michael Isn’t Supernatural Season 14’s Big Bad Villain! The Real Threat Is Someone Else

Welcome to Humor Nation. Well, Supernatural is currently airing its 13th season and it turns archangel Michael won’t be the only problem that the Winchesters will be facing this season. Actually, there will be bigger problems than Michael in this season of Supernatural. Sam and Dean have taken down numerous villains over the years, often times we have seen a monster distracting the Winchesters from the real threat of the season. If you believe the executive producer Eugenie Ross-Lerning, then season 14 will be no different from the earlier seasons and the big evil of this season has yet to reveal itself.

Michael Isn't Supernatural Season 14's Big Bad Villain! The Real Threat Is Someone Else

The Winchesters already had on their plate to deal with, with the devil on the loose, the men of letters, and a lot more to deal in their own world. The evil from the alternate universe begun breaking through and increased the chaos. Supernatural Season 12 introduced us to the Apocalypse World, a universe where Sam and Dean are never born to prevent the apocalypse. A world where Archangel Michael defeated Lucifer and took over the world. Season 13 ended with Michael getting the possession of Dean Winchester and ready to take over the world. Now Team Free Will have to find a way to not only save Dean but also stop Michael for destroying their world.

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During the CW’s launch event for the fall, the executive producer Ross-Lerning spoke to TVLine about plans for the Supernatural Season 14. He said,

“Everybody has to find a way to undo Michael, who’s the supervillain as we start out the year, but will not be the primary villain.”

This will be quite different from the time when the Team Free Will managed to free Sam from the possession. While they were successful, but the cycle of possession, torture, and deaths surely took its toll. But that won’t be the case this time. According to Ross, once Dean is freed from the possession, he’d bounce back,

“Dean’s been contaminated by Cain. He’s a tough guy. His body’s sort of accumulated a lot of, I think, antibodies against evil, so he’ll be OK. He knows how to handle himself, even though he’s been altered. But there is a little bit of a surprise, in terms of this semi-possession, which I can’t tell you about. There’s a little bit of a twist.”

It’s still a surprise what the showrunners have in store for the fans this season. Supernatural has included time travel episodes, meta episodes, even a musical. The showrunners have never shied away from trying something totally creative and new. Season 14 will have only 20 episodes instead of 23. So let’s see what happens this season!

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