10 Mistakes That Supernatural Fans Completely Missed

Welcome to Humor Nation. When a TV Series which has been running for as long as Supernatural, it is quite easy for the show to make mistakes. Now whether these mistakes are the continuity errors, the holes in the plot or the inconsistencies that would make you scratch your head. Supernatural has completed 13 seasons and will complete 300 episodes soon. We have seen the Winchesters battling the demons, fighting the angels, hunting the monsters, and a lot more. All these have made Supernatural such an entertaining show.

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The fans have always supported the show and it’s only because of this immense support that Supernatural managed to last longer than just any fantasy TV series in the history of television. The show is about to complete its 300 episodes this season, but in this long history of Supernatural, there have been a ton of mistakes which the fans might have noticed, but they chose to ignore.

In Supernatural, there are plenty of monsters, then there are demons, angels, and other Supernatural creatures the brothers battle. There’s the main story going on in every season and then there are some filler episodes so it’s pretty for the writers to get lost in the deep story and become inconsistent with the tiny details, and make mistakes.

When it comes to the small mistakes, the fans have an explanation for it. But when it comes to the big glaring plot holes and the inconsistencies, it would make the longtime fans scratch their heads.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Mistakes That Supernatural Fans Completely Missed!

1. It has been known that there are ways to get someone out from the cage in hell. But it has been almost seven years and Adam is still trapped there. Even in the episode “Fan Fiction”, Sam and Dean are reminded of Adam.

10 Mistakes That Supernatural Fans Completely Missed

2. We know that the brothers are doing the right thing. But gone are the days when Winchesters would care about the innocents who have been possessed by the demons. Now they just simply eliminate the demons along with their hosts.

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3. In season 9, we are told that Reapers are angels! Now think back to the first reaper we encountered in season 1. That reaper was possessed by a demon. which makes it kinda impossible.

4. Azazel plan was to use Sam in order to ultimately free Lucifer. But he used Jakey Talley in season 2 to eliminate Sam and even asked Dean not to bring Sam back. This doesn’t make any sense.

5. In season 1, Sam reveals that the word ‘Christo’ can help in battling a demon. But after the episode ‘Phantom Traveler’, we never saw the boys using the word ‘Christo’ in the next 12 seasons.

6. Jesse Turner, the antichrist, the son of a demon and human first appeared in Season 5. He has not been seen again ever since season five. 

7. In season 8, we learn the reason why Henry left his family and that he was a time traveller who left his son as a kid. Now in season 4 when Dean travels back in past and meets his father, who is in his 20’s at that time. A person asks John to say hello to his dad and John replies with ‘I will’.

8. Where do the boys get their money? They do credit card frauds, but the boys never stay at one place for long to have the cards mailed to them. Also they cannot use the same post box address everytime. We also know Dean is a pool hustler, but how can he hustle pool when he’s fighting the monsters all the time.

9. We saw Sam drinking a ton of demon blood in order to make his vessel strong enough to hold Lucifer inside. But in Season 13, we didn’t see Dean doing any ritual or preparations to host Michael.

10. There are so many contradictions about the angels. We saw angels banishing other angels without getting banished. But sometimes we saw both of them getting banished. Then there’s the changing weaknesses and powers of the angels. 

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