Modi 2.0: Important Decisions Taken By Modi Government In 2019

Welcome to Humor Nation. In the first 100 days of Modi 2.0, the Government has taken several key decisions. These historical decisions include the abrogation of Article 370 provisions, triple talaq, anti-terror terrorism, a merger of banks and CAB.

So here we take a look at some of the major decisions of the Modi government in its second stint.

1. Article 370

Modi 2.0: Important Decisions Taken By Modi Government In 2019

In the first week of August, the government moves to abrogate provision of Article 370 and Article 35A which accorded the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. Before this J&k have its own constitution, its own flag and take decisions except for any matter that is related to defense and foreign affairs. The provision was included temporary in the constitution on 17 October 1949. But the Modi’s Government revoked article 370 arguing that such laws had hindered its integration with the rest of India.

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2. Anti- Terror Law

Modi 2.0: Important Decisions Taken By Modi Government In 2019

As Narendra Modi is against terrorism, he introduced a zero-tolerance policy against terrorism. The government introduced an Amendment Bill which aims to prevent the Unlawful Activities and it was approved by the Parliament. The amended Bill confers power upon the central government to designate an individual as a terrorist and seize their property. While the opposition had called the amendment unrepentant.

3. Triple Talaq

Under the Narendra Modi-led BJP government, the triple talaq bill and was passed by the Parliament. The bill was passed by the upper house with 99 voted in favor and 84 votes against it. The purpose of BJP in passing the bill is to help Muslim women and to correct the historic wrong done to them.


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