Most Dangerous Families In The World

3. Kinahan Family

The Kinahan Family of Ireland is part of a gangland war involving two families that have left more than half a dozen murdered in September 2015. The families weren’t always sworn enemies but a conflict over drug supply created the divide. Since then, both the families are out for each other’s blood.

4. Kadri Family AKA The Khadr

There is a possibility that you haven’t heard of the Kadri family, but you must have heard about their now deceased friend, Osama bin Laden. The family has ties with bin Laden since the patriarch of the family, Ahmed, met him in 1985. He ended up being one of Laden’s deputies and even recruited his children for the same. Now, the family’s ties to al-Qaeda are often monitored, but they say they are trying to live in peace in Canada.

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5. Inessa Traverdiyeva And Family

Once a nursery school teacher, Inessa was locked up in 2013 for the murders of 30 people, and a string of robberies. She didn’t act alone, her husband and 13-year-old daughter joined in her reign of terror. The family was caught in a shootout with authorities that left Inessa’s husband died and landed Inessa and her daughter behind bars. Poor Inessa!

So, these were some of the most dangerous families in the world you should stay clear of!
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