10 Most Expensive Fruits In The World

Hello! Welcome to Humor Nation and we are back with another interesting, entertaining article to sharpen up your knowledge, to tell you something that you don’t know. Our today’s theme is expensive fruits in the world, yes you read it right! Okay, how expensive can a fruit really be? 20 dollars, 50 dollars, 100 dollars? What if I told you strawberries worth 1.4 million! And no I am not lying. Don’t believe me? Read this article to find out the most expensive fruit in the world. Before we get into this article, I just want to ask you guys about your favorite fruit and why? Let us know your answer by commenting below the article. So let’s get started.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Most Expensive Fruits From Around The World!

10. 21 Dollar Apple

10 Most Expensive Fruits In The WorldIt is cheap when it comes to its 21 dollar price when compared to everything that we have on this list, but still, that’s a big price tag considering the fact it’s just an apple, a fruit that grows on the tree or does they make in the lab? Anyways, to be the reason, the Sekai Ichi Apple has a weight to justify its hefty cost. This apple weighs around one kilogram and these apples are thought to be the most costly apples on the planet. These expensive apples are grown in Japan. SPOILER ALERT: You’re going to see a lot of expensive fruits on this list which are from Japan.

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9. 80 Dollar Dekopon

This is a gigantic orange, it’s actually a mandarin and an orange hybrid, this new breed or orange was invented in Japan in 1972. It looks almost like an orange, but with a little difference, if you look at it carefully then you’ll notice a tiny bump on the top. The Dekopon’s size resembles the size of a softball. Although it was made in Japan, but California has also started making them under the name of Sumo Citrus. Dekopon costs around 80 dollars for 6 which means even just a single one of them is around 13 dollars which are kinda expensive.

8. 800 Dollar Water Melon

Japan is about unusual and one of a kind stuff. Lately, the Japanese have developed the Square Water Melons! Obviously, these are very much loved in Russia with Japan sending out them for 800 dollars, a piece for a 13-pound whopper. On the off chance that the dollar sticker price is very much expensive for you, you can purchase then smaller ones for 200 bucks or a pyramid-molded full-size melon for 500 dollars.

7. 4395 Dollar Strawberry

This strawberry that you can see in the picture will cost you $4395 Dollars. That is simply more than a thousand dollars for one strawberry. With that being said, the strawberry measures the size of a Golf ball. But whatever I’d rather have an entire punnet of strawberries for like three dollars! This extravagance organic fruit is developed at Nichols farm in Japan and it takes around 45 days to develop. However, the Farmer only grows 500 of them a year.

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