Most Powerful Being Of Every Species In Vampire Diaries Universe


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As a normal or non-original vampire, Marcel is arguably the strongest normal vampire which is clearly evident in his battle with Klaus who’s an Original Hybrid. Marcel served in the army and also trained in combat which supplemented his strength. Marcel has proven his strength against ancient vampires such as Aya and Mohinder while having werewolf venom in his system.


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As the show progressed, the powers and abilities of Bonnie Bennett also increased greatly. Coming from the lineage of powerful witches, Bonnie was meant to be great. She groomed her powers on her own, acquiring knowledge about the different types of magic and practicing them. She was able to hold her ground against some of the most powerful characters in the TVD Universe such as Klaus, Cade, and others. Bonnie managed to create dimensions such as the afterlife psychic realm and a prison world with the aid of the Saltzman twins. She was able to defeat the strong psychic Cade in his own game. Bonnie has performed various kinds of magic; Traditional, Expression, Dark, and Spirit Magic. She also served as the anchor to the other side, with the being passing through her. And Rayna Cruz granted his abilities as the Huntress to Bonnie which supplemented her powers.

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Niklaus Mikaelson is the first hybrid in the TVD Universe. He was born a werewolf and became a vampire due to the magical spell of Esther. But when his werewolf side was suppressed by Esther to protect him from Mikael. For years, he has tried to lift up the curse. Klaus needed a Petrova doppelganger to free himself from the curse. As an Original Hybrid, he is extremely powerful, only second to Mikael. Releasing his werewolf side granted him various abilities such as the werewolf bite which could have effects on another Original vampire. Also, he remained unaffected by the Silver White Oak Dagger due to the werewolf side.


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Hope Mikaelson is undoubtedly the most powerful werewolf. As she is a tribrid, meaning she can practice the magic too. She is the daughter of Klaus & Hayley, both come from different werewolf bloodlines, and Hope acquires the traits of both. Hope can use magic even when she is a werewolf. Hope can control her transformation, she possesses all the extra abilities of an evolved werewolf too. Being the first of her kind, the true nature of her powers is unknown.

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