Ranking The Most Powerful Demons In Supernatural

Ranking The Most Powerful Demons In Supernatural

When Lucifer refused to serve the humans, God banished him from the heaven. To get his revenge, Lucifer tortured a woman, took her humanity, and created the first demon – Lilith. All the demons were once humans who had lost their humanity and as a result are damned souls now.

So Let’s Take A Look At The Demon Hierarchy In Supernatural! Ranking The Most Classes Of Demons According To Their Power

1. The Knights were the first demons after Lilith. Even though they came after the Princes of hell, but they are much more powerful than the princes. They are like immortal, the only thing that can kill a knight of hell is the first blade which can be used only with the mark of Cain.

2. The Princes of Hell were handpicked by Lucifer himself. They served as the commanders of demon armies in the war against heaven. The Princes of Hell were the next in line to rule Hell after Lucifer. They have yellow eyes and they can only be killed by the Colt. They are much more older than the Knights of Hell.

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3. Lilith was the first demon created by Lucifer. The white-eyed demons are the oldest, but in terms of power they are not as powerful as the Knights or the Princes of hell.


4. Samhain is a special kind of demon. He has the power to raise the dead on the earth. He was killed by Sam Winchester.

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5. Crossroads demons are the deal makers. They grant humans any wish in exchange for their souls. They have red eyes.

6. They are the lowest in hierarchy, they are the most common demons. 

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