10 Most Powerful Presidents In The World

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Every year Forbes publishes the list of powerful Presidents or leaders in the world. All the Presidents around the world are powerful in their own way but only 10 among them are shortlisted to be the most powerful one, so let’s discuss about them in brief.

So here are those 10 most powerful Presidents in the world!

1. Donald Trump

He is America’s president and Donald Trump may not be a dictator but he is the most influential President of all and has great geopolitical, economical and social influence over many affairs and also has good connection with other countries.

2. Vladimir Putin

He is Russia’s leader and plays a role of a dictator in his domestic authority and has a great influence over state affairs and is certainly a strong man. He also has influence over world stability and geopolitics.

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3. Ayatollah Khamenei

He is a power projection around the middle east of Iran, under his terrorist organizations have made a growth who are anti-Israel and anti-West.

4. Xi Jinping

China is a place of economic powerhouse and Jinping is growing his power domestically as well internationally too. He plays a great role on North Korean decision making and also on various territories of Asia.

5. Angela Merkel

10 Most Powerful Presidents In The World

Merkel is Chancellor of Germany and has tremendous power in European policy and is powerful figure there, she plays important role in global trade and geopolitics.

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