10 Most Stupid And Dumbest Deaths Of All Time

Hey guys! Welcome to Humor Nation. A man once found himself in a ‘hard’ situation when he had taken an entire bottle of the ‘Viagra’ pill. All because he wanted to satisfy two ladies, he ended up dying. Today we’ll count down our list of ten most dumbest and stupid deaths of all time.

So Let’s Take A Look At 10 Most Stupid And Dumbest Deaths Of All Time!

10. Basil Brown

10 Most Stupid And Dumbest Deaths Of All Time

Basil Brown took the bugs bunny diet a bit too serious, back in 1974 by consuming a staggering amount of carrot juice. 10 gallons of the stuff in 10 days, he exposed himself to 10,000 times the recommended amount of vitamin A and gave himself fatal liver damage. What’s up doc? Fatal liver damage yeah that’s what’s up!

9. Gareth Jones

The live TV broadcast of ITV’s Armchair theater production of “Underground’ saw actor Gareth Jones take method acting a step too far on the 31th of November 1958. Jones suffered a massive heart attack between two of the scenes and while dispute has being caused about whether you died on camera or off. What is known is that the cast were forced to improvise and still had to finish the play with a cast member dead. What’s especially spooky is that the Jones character was gonna suffer a heart attack later in the play anyways.

8. Sir Arthur Aston

Sir Arthur Aston noted soldier and Charles I supporter fell off his horse in September 1644 which rendered him having to use a wooden leg. When Oliver Cromwell ordered the execution of everyone in Ashton’s town during the 1649 siege of Drogheda. Arthor asked an offered peaceful surrender, but his captors believed he had gold stashed in his wooden leg and thought the best way to open it up was to break it off and beat him with it. Unfortunately it being a solid chunk of wood Aston died in the beating.

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7. Julian Offray De La Mettrie

French doctor, philosopher and quite possibly the founder of cognitive science. Believing that sensual pleasure was the only reason to live, he declared his life to that same principle and eating, sex and enjoyment became his watchwords. However his intelligence was to be masked by the history books, thanks to his rather foolish death as a result of gorging on truffles at a feast, held in his own honor.


6. Ilda Vitor Maciel

Ilda Vitor Maciel died in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro on September 28th at the grand age of 88. Though far from natural causes, her family claimed that her death was caused by a fatal nurse’s error injecting soup into her veins rather than her feeding tube. Dying a mere 12 hours after the injection, Maciel’s family have understandably gone on to file a lawsuit, and while the hospital acknowledges that the incident occurred, they deny that was the cause of her death. Apparently soup is a satisfactory substitute for blood these days.

5. Hans Steininger

Well the fashion for beards is certainly strong these days, it is hardly anything new. Han Steininger was cultivating beautiful facial fur way back in 1567 and was highly publicly regarded for it. However it was to prove his undoing when a fire raged through his town, forgetting to tuck his beard away safely in his breast pocket as he was used to doing when traveling, he stepped on it and tumbled down a flight of stairs, breaking his neck in the process. Razor rash somehow doesn’t seem quite so bad anymore.

4. Celement Vallandigham

Clement Vallandigham took demonstration a little further than most when defending his client of a shooting back in 1871. Trying to show the jury how the man in question had in fact shoot himself. Clement took hand of a loaded gun and proceeded to reenact the scene, believing it to be unloaded, the gun launched in his clothing and discharged right into his stomach at pointblank range. He died the next day, but it wasn’t in vain as it had certainly proved his point and his defendant was released soon after.

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3. Gary Hoy

In order to prove to a group of students that the glass in the 24th floor of the Toronto Dominion center was unbreakable. Gary Hoy threw himself at it, he had apparently performed many times before, but this time he fell straight through to his death right afterwards. Though would have been little consolation to him a later report claims the glass did indeed not break, but merely popped right out of its frame.

2. John Bowen

On 19th December 1979 in the NFL halftime show between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots is underway. Consisting of a model Aeroplane group putting on a display of their model planes flying around. The finale consisted of a 40 pound plane made up to look like a flying lawnmower. Unfortunately the pilot lost control and the device went sailing straight into the crowd, right into audience member John Bowen, who died of his injuries six days later. Though it’s not sure what is more embarrassing being killed by a flying lawnmower or thinking that model planes being flown would make for an entertaining halftime show.

1. Joao Maria De Souza

10 Most Stupid And Dumbest Deaths Of All Time

Joao Maria De Souza and his wife Leni had the shock of their lives in 2013 when a three ton cow came crashing through the roof. The bovine intruder had apparently escaped from a nearby farm and worked its way onto the roof thanks to it being so close to a steep hillside. The roof having now gone through rigorous cow testing rather understandably caved in and sent the creature hurling down onto the man and his wife. Though his wife Leni and the cow were fine, Joao suffered a fractured leg and likely severe internal bleeding which is what was thought to cause his death in the hospital several hours later.

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