10 Movies Which Were Made With The Least Number Of Actors

5. Cast Away (2000) – 8 Actors

The movie tells the story of a FedEx employee played by Tom Hanks who finds himself stranded on an island after his plane crashes. Now he desperately tries to survive on this island located in the South Pacific. It is one of the best movies of Tom Hanks’ career.

10 Movies Which Were Made With The Least Number Of Actors

6. 127 Hours (2010) – 7 Actors

This is a survival film which tells the story of a canyonner Aron Ralston who is trapped by a boulder in a cave while exploring the Bluejohn Canyon. He escapes it by cutting his own arm all for survival. The movie shows the human will to survive.

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7. I Am Legend (2007) – 9 Actors

This movie is set in New York City when a cure for cancer has turned lethal and turned 90% of the world’s population into a vampiric zombie like creature. Only Neville played by Will Smith is the last remaining human in New York. He is immune to virus and he tries to develop a cure for the virus.

8. Buried (2010) – 1 Actor

A psychological thriller which tells the story of a truck driver who is attacked by someone and finds himself buried in a wooden coffin. He only has a flash, knife, flashlight, pencil, mobile phone, and a lighter. Now he must use all these to survive.

9. Timecrimes (2007) – 4 Actors

This is one of the mind twisting movies ever made. It tells the story of a man named Hector who is caught into a time loop and he then tries to stop his other versions from continuing to exist. There are different timelines and versions of the character.

10. Hard Candy (2005) – 7 Actors

Another mind twisting movie on the list. This movie basically revolves around two characters only. A 14-year old girl who acts as a vigilante and traps a grown man who she suspects of being a sexual predator.

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