6 Selfless Sacrifices Made By MS Dhoni That Will Make You Respect Him

Welcome to Humor Nation. Everyone is aware of the immense contribution of MS Dhoni in Indian cricket. Apart from the many great achievements of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, there have been so many amazing moments in his long career which cannot be judged in terms of runs and cricketing stats. We are talking about the selfless nature of MS Dhoni and how he has given a new meaning to the sportsmanship. Today, in this article we will be presenting you some similar moments from MS Dhoni’s career that you might not be familiar with.

So Let’s Take A Look At 6 Selfless Sacrifices Made By MS Dhoni That Will Make You Respect Him!

1. Showing His Respect To Dada

6 Selfless Sacrifices Made By MS Dhoni That Will Make You Respect Him

During the 2008 India Vs Australia Test Serie when Saurav Ganguly was playing his last test match. During the last session of the match, MS Dhoni requested Saurav that he should be the one leading the team and should take up the on-field captaincy. Saurav Ganguly accepted this request of Dhoni and captained the team for so many overs. At that time, Dhoni was the newly appointed Indian test team captain, but he didn’t forget his seniors. Everyone supported this gesture of Dhoni and to this very day, Ganguly considers Dhoni a selfless captain.

2. Giving Youngsters The Lime Light

When India would win any series under Dhoni’s captaincy then he would hand over the winning trophy to the youngsters of the team. While everyone would celebrate holding the trophy, Dhoni would step out of the limelight and would stand aside. Dhoni believes that by doing this the youngsters would feel at ease and would have a sense of belongingness, and not feel like an outsider. When Virat Kohli was new in the team, Dhoni would give him the trophy to help him get settled in. And in 2013, when India won the Champions Trophy, Dhoni handed the trophy to Jadeja.

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3. Team Comes First

When team India became the number one test team under the captaincy of Dhoni then as per the ICC tradition he was awarded a mace. When he was asked what’s his success mantra, he humbly replied: “It’s not an individual effort, it’s a team effort”. The best quality of MS Dhoni is that he never praises or criticizes an individual performance.


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