Must Read! Famous Supernatural Theories Debunked

Welcome to Humor Nation. Being a supernatural fan for a pretty long while I have heard some wild Supernatural theories. Some are actually pretty plausible, but there are some that just make me want to throw myself out of window. And this is what this article is about some wild theories that I’ve heard over the Internet or heard from mouths. I just want to kind of try and debunk. I just want to state that like if you agree with these theories, if you don’t agree with these theories that’s up to you. These are just my personal opinions that I’ve got gotten and concluded to do to research and all that other stuff. Hey guys, if you haven’t subscribed the YouTube Channel Jade Way then go ahead and do it right now.

So Let’s Take A Look At Famous Supernatural Theories Debunked!

1. Dream Theories

Famous Supernatural Theories Debunked

So let’s begin the dream theories. This is the first one that I’m going to discuss considering they’re the easiest theories to muster up. And I’ve heard so many theories on how everything past a certain episode is just a dream or everything is just happening in one of the Winchester brothers heads. There’s one that says after Dean had gone the hell in the season three. Everything past that was either a figment of what hell is for Dean or Sam going totally berserk and having a full fledged mental breakdown. There are a few others if you remember the episode where Dean was caught by the Djinn and ended up killing himself in a dream so he could wake up. There’s a theory that Dean ever escaped that dream that the Djinn made for him or that everything passed Swan Song was a dream.


The whole problem to dream theories is that it would create such bad writing for Supernatural. We are approaching our 14th season of the show so to have a whole ten seasons be inside of a character’s mind, it would make no sense to do so and would most likely enrage many of the fans. I think it’s safe to say that in supernaturals universe everything that we see happen is actually happening.

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2. The Walking Dead Theory

Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays a character on both Supernatural and The Walking Dead. He played John Winchester, the father of Sam and Dean. In The Walking Dead, he plays a zombie killer named Negan. The theory states that during the apocalypse, the one that Sam and Dean prevented, the world is overrun with zombies, John Winchester escapes hell and makes a new persona for him called Negan. While I am not that big of a fan of The Walking Dead, I do appreciate the show and this wouldn’t be that bad of a theory.


It’s pretty cool to think about but the time lines don’t add up. The zombie outbreak in The Walking Dead starts off in 2010 in the first season. Sam is the apocalypse in Supernatural Season 5 that was occurring during 2010. But there’s another thing to bring up John escaping hell at the end of season 2, John Winchester crawls out of the depths of Hell to fight off Azazel, the demon who killed his wife. That episode all hell breaks loose part was aired on May 2007, Supernatural tends to be relatively close to real time.

So if John escaped hell in there would be no possible way that he would even be able to return to his body completely fine and fight off zombies under a new name. We saw that in season 8 episode 19 that when a soul is on earth it goes up to heaven. That’s what happened with Bobby. So it’s safe to assume that John is probably up in heaven right now or in some form of the afterlife.

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