Must Read! Famous Supernatural Theories Debunked

3. Arrival Of Jesus

The next theory is that Jesus will make an appearance in Supernatural as a character this is actually a pretty big theory.


Jesus in the Bible was referred to as a son of God, in Supernatural, the sons of gods are technically the Archangels; Michael, Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel. In the Bible Jesus is declared to be the Son of God on two separate occasions by a voice speaking from heaven. So by knowing this it would be safe to assume that in the supernatural world Jesus would be a prophet of the Lord like Kevin Tran. Prophets are just regular people who have connections to heaven.

So, in this case, it wouldn’t make sense for Jesus to come back if he was just like a regular dude with some connections to heaven. Every time the chosen prophet dies a new prophet comes to be. So, in this case, there wouldn’t really be a need to have Jesus as a character in Supernatural considering there’s way more powerful beings that Sam and Dean have encountered throughout the seasons. Having Jesus being a character would be unnecessary

4. Destiel And Sabriel

The last theories that I will discuss are Destiel and Sabriel. Destiel tops the charts is one of the most popular ships online. So it’s no surprise that people think that this deal would become part of the show candidly. But as much as I do support all kinds of shipping unless it’s like in-cest or whatever, but as much as I support Destiel and Sabriel shippers.


There are many reasons why this not happen in the show unfortunately first the actors have been best friends for a really long time and displaying an intimate relationship on screen could be uncomfortable for them, considering they’re all married and have kids just imagine if one of their kids saw the show. Second, the Winchesters are not the relationship type especially Sam, I mean come on every person he’s ever been with ends up dying and Dean is more of the one night stand kind of guy. And the third by having these added relationships to the show it would take time away from the plots and now that season 14 is confirmed for 20 episodes. I can’t see them having time to make that happen as much as I may or may not. These two ships will ever sail.

So these were our supernatural theories. Let us know if we missed any other Supernatural theories in the comments.

Article Source And Credit: Jade Way

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