8 Mysterious Finds That Can’t Be Explained!

Enormous mysterious structures that were built but can't find the purpose behind them. There were many amazing civilisations in the past.

Hey everyone, welcome back to the Humor Nation. There are many unknown objects and structures that are constantly being discovered by archaeologists from around the world. Sometimes, they find enormous mysterious structures that were built but can’t find the purpose behind them. There were many amazing civilisations in the past that had unusual histories.

Take A Look At 10 Mysterious Finds That Can’t Be Explained

1. Giant Stone Spheres Of Costa Rica

Costa Rica and a few other surrounding places are scattered with giant stone spheres. These stones are smooth and almost perfectly round. Some of them are small in diameter but some of them are as big as eight feet in diameter weighing several tonnes. They are thought to have been placed in lines along houses of chiefs but their exact significance is a mystery.

2. Stone Circles In Jordan

These stone circles are dated back 2000 years and they were discovered in Jordan’s countryside. 11 of those structures have been spotted so far and the circles are one 1312 in diameter and just a few feet high. None of these short walled circles has openings for people or animals to walk through. So, this gets archaeologists confused because they can’t determine what these circles were used for?

3. Longyou Grottoes In China

These are a series of man-made caves in China that date back in 212 BC. Over 30 caves have been discovered since they were initially found in 1992. But, there are no records of them ever being made. In fact, no one knows who built them for what reason they were built.

4. The Copper Scroll Treasure

An ancient copper scroll was discovered at the archaeological site by Israel in 1952. This might shed some light where this massive amount of hidden gold and silver could be? But, no one knows where that treasure might be or if it even exists. Researchers believe that the scroll paper described a treasure that was hidden by locals to keep away from the Roman forces.

5. The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is responsible for the disappearance of numerous planes and ships in the ocean between Florida and Bermuda. Over the years, there have been countless disappearance that has happened under some mysterious circumstances that we can’t figure out even today.

6. Khatt Shebib In Jordan

This was a mysterious Wall in Jordan that was first reported in 1948. Archaeologists still aren’t sure when, why or who built it? It is a 93 miles long stone wall that would have stood about 3.3 feet high and just one point six feet wide. So, it’s unlikely that this wall was built to keep invading armies away and no one knows the actual purpose for its building.

7. Stonehenge In England

This is a legendary monument that is made up of stones is in the UK. It was built for an unknown purpose on which researches are still going on. For thousands of years, Stonehenge has been in existence and it is one of the greatest unexplained mysteries of all time. This great monument was built before the wheel was invented. Was it a temple, a burial ground observatory or an ancient calendar? We might never know the answer.

8. The Voynich Manuscript

This is an ancient book that is filled with writings. It is an unknown alphabet and elaborate drawings that range from female nudes to zodiac symbols. No living person has ever been able to decode or decipher what the manuscript is about. It has no title and no author name written on it. So needless to say, we will never know what this book is about.

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