Mysterious Temples That You Must Never Ever Visit If You Value Your Life

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So Let’s Take A Look At Mysterious Temples Of Death That You Must Never Ever Visit!

1. Yamraj Temple

China’s autonomous region is 30 minutes away from Darcheen in Tibet, it is the gate of Yama. This falls in the path of holy Kailash mountain. According to Hindu belief, it is considered to be the entrance to the house of the God of Death Yama. It is on the starting point of the orbital journey of Kailash Mountain. Tibetans are known by the name of Chorten Kang Ngey, which means two-footed stupa. It is said that the person who stayed in the night could not survive. Many such incidents have happened, but the reasons behind this have not been disclosed to date. Also, there is no evidence of who and when this temple is built. A lot of research was done, but no result could be reached.

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2. Asirgarh Shiva Temple

Mysterious Temples That You Must Never Ever Visit If You Value Your Life

The fort of Asirgarh is 20 km from the city of Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh. It is said that Ashwathama came to worship in Shiva temple situated in this fort. Local residents recite many stories related to Ashwathama. He explains that whoever saw Ashwathama, his mental state has always worsened. Apart from this, it is said that Ashwathama also bathed in the pond situated in the fort before worshiping.


Apart from Burhanpur, the mention of Ashwathama’s wandering is also found on the banks of Gaurighat (Narmada river) in Jabalpur city of MP. According to local residents, sometimes they also demand turmeric and oil to prevent bleeding from their head wounds. In this regard, however, nothing has been found to be clear and authentic till today.

3. Nidhivan In Vrindavan

The temple of Vrindavan boasts the mystery still in its own right. It is believed that Lord Shri Krishna and Radha still meet after the midnight. After the Ras, Nidhivan sleeps in the palanquin set in the premises. Even today in the Nidhivan, the Makhan mishri is kept in the form of prasad. A bed is also used for sleeping. In the morning when you look at these beds, it will be clear that someone slept in it in the night and the offerings have been accepted. Not only this, the doors of this temple are closed automatically as soon as it is dark.

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Therefore, before the temple priest becomes dark, according to the tradition, there is no one staying at night, no humans, not even animals, and birds. For years, people have come to see, but the truth behind the mystery has been hidden in front of religious beliefs. The people here believe that if a person stops at this campus in the night, then he gets rid of all the worldly bondages and gets death.

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