Can You Name All Of These Minor ‘Riverdale’ Characters?

Welcome to Humor Nation. Riverdale is full of so many amazing characters. Characters that have now become our favorites. We know a lot about these characters, we know what they wear, what they eat, what they eat, and we wish they would exist in real life too. Riverdale has some handsome guys that girls would go crazy for. Archie Andrews, he is the main character of Riverdale, an aspiring musician, and a popular football player. He’s a heartthrob sensation among the girls.

Riverdale guy quiz soulmate

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Archie has a great personality which makes him ideal boyfriend material. A dude is a kind-hearted man, he’s honest and cares a lot about his friends and family. He is as real as it gets. The only flaw you would find in him is that he could turn aggressive and violent at times. Also sometimes he displays low self-esteem, thinking he’s not good enough which tempts him in making self-destructive decisions and to be manipulated by others.

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Then there’s Jughead who can be apathetic, has a dark sense of humor, a quick temper, and tons of secrets. However, he is pretty intelligent and is known for his writing skills. Jughead is passionate about a few things and will protect them with his life. Also, he can be a forgiving person which shows he has a great heart. One of the best qualities about his character is that he is a very determined person, once he has set his mind to something then there’s no stopping, no matter how big the obstacle is in front of him.

So You recognise their faces but can you remember the names of these Riveddale Characters?

So did you find out who is your Riverdale soulmate? Don’t forget to share this interesting Riverdale quiz with your friends.

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