Hilarious Sacred Games Memes That Will Make You Go ROFL

Welcome to Humor Nation. Sacred Games is an Indian web series on Netflix that is based on the novel of the same name. If you still haven’t seen the show then go watch it today on Netflix. Now there’s only one thing that’s better than Sacred Games, it’s those hilarious memes based on the series Sacred Games. And if by any chance, you have been active on social media lately, then surely you might have come across the various Sartaj, Gaitonde, Trivedi, Kateka, Kukoo and crossover memes which are flooding your newsfeed. Now so many people have already binge-watched the entire series just to understand those memes, that’s crazy, right?

So Let’s Take A Look At Hilarious Sacred Games Memes That Will Make You Go ROFL

1. If you don’t understand what the map means then you should watch pogo.

Sacred Games Memes That Will Make You Go ROFL

2. Sirf David Bachega!

3. When Godfather meets Sacred Games

4. Checking ATM balance..that feel.

5. Cukkoo Ka Secret dekhna hai?

6. Why only 25 days? Thoda aur samay do bhai.

7. Witness the magic of cukkoo

8. Katekar and Sartaj!! True friendship.

9. The only one person who will stay alive!

10. One person who can withstand all the chaos and destruction in the world.


12. All men must die except Trivedi.


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13. Signs that you’re Katekar.

14. Kabhi Kabhi Lagta Hai Ki Apun Hi Bhagwan Hai.

15. Damn! Katekar+Sartaj=MADE FOR EACH OTHER!

16. All great people started small.

17. He’s in our hearts! Katekar, you will remain alive in our hearts.

18. Relationship goals.

19. Reasons why you should watch Sacred Games.

20. Bahut Saara paisa hai inke paas.

21. Yeh kya chod failayala re idhar.

22. Hum hi bhagwan hai.

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23. Can anyone explain why only Trivedi will remain alive?

24. Bahut power feel hota hai.


26. Damn you Sartaj!

27. Game of Thrones meets Sacred Games.

28. Sacred Games memes are going viral now.

29. The one true kukoo.

30. Saif Ali Khan portrayed the character of Sartaj Singh so perfectly.

31. Ganesh Gaitonde, the self-made God.

32. Apna Cola is better than Coca-Cola.

33. The 0.01% germ that Mumbai can’t kill.

34. Radhika Apte AKA Anjali, you don’t belong in the field.

35. True story.

36. Abe BC!

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