Only People Who Have Won Both Oscar And Nobel Prize!

Hello Readers! Welcome back to Humor Nation. Nobel prize is awarded annually to the people for their amazing and outstanding work in various fields and Oscar is a set of 24 awards which is given away in to the American film industry by AMPAS. Only two people in the world had received both Noble and Oscar.

So let’s know that who has received both Oscar and Noble prize in the world!

1. George Bernard Shaw

Who Has Won Both Oscar And Nobel Prize?

George Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright, political activist and a critic and had received Noble prize in the year 1925 for literature and he also won Oscar for the best adapted screenplay just after thirteen years of receiving Noble prize. He received Oscar at the age of 82 for the screenplay  for ” Pygmalion “, which was a 1938 film and was based on his stage play and he shared that award with Cecil Lewis, Ian Dalrymple and also W.P Lipscomb. Pygmalion was also in the nomination list of best picture which had actors Leslie Howard and Wendy Hiller, but they lost the prize to Bette Davis and Spencer Tracy. When Shaw won the Oscars, he did not show up and in Shaw’s place Lloyd C.Douglas received the award and told to the audience that Mr.Shaw’s was original as it was years ago.

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