Order A Milkshake At Pop’s And We’ll Tell You Which Riverdale Character You Are

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Pop’s Diner plays a significant role on Riverdale and especially it’s food and drinks at Pop’s which is important. If you Remember Veronica’s first words to Betty and Archie at Pop’s were “How are the onion rings?” Our Riverdale heroes spend a lot of their time at Pop’s grabbing a bite or a milkshake when they are not busy solving murder mysteries or fighting the bad drug dealers. KJ Apa in an interview once revealed that the milkshakes that we see on the show aren’t what they seem.

Your Pop’s Order Will Tell How You Will Die on Riverdale

Those frosty looking milkshakes are actually made from Greek Yogurt. Now the question arises is why would the production use Greek Yogurt to create milkshakes? Well, the answer is because they help in keeping the thick look of the milkshakes as the regular ice cream would melt pretty quickly. The Green Yogurt doesn’t melt, but after a while it gets warm and the taste isn’t pleasant at all. Season 1 featured around 23 milkshakes over the course of 13 episodes. They are of different flavor and different ingredients.

Order A Milkshake At Pop's And We'll Tell You Which Riverdale Character You Are

Pop’s Dinner has been the heart of the town for decades. It has remained one of the busiest spots in the town. But after the shooting of Fred at the Diner, the business became really slow. It got slow to an extent that it was about to be shot down. Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe is owned by Veronica Lodge currently who purchased it back from her father and Pop Tate works as the manager of the diner.

So Order A Milkshake At Pop’s And We’ll Tell You Which Riverdale Character You Are

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