Originals Actors Who Have Directed An Episode In The TVD Universe


Originals Actors Who Have Directed An Episode In The TVD Universe
The CW

Daniel Gillies made his debut in second season of the Vampire Diaries as Elijah Mikaelson, a role that he would reprise in the Originals. Daniel has also made appearances in films such as Spider-Man 2, Bridge and Prejudice, and lot more.

Originals Actors Who Have Directed An Episode In The TVD Universe
The CW

Daniel has directed Season 4 Episode ‘Phantomesque’ which features the return of Kol and Rebekah as they join forces with Klaus against Hollow. Elijah’s consciousness was stored in the pendant by Freya, but it is distorted and Hayley must undertake a risky task to locate the true consciousness of Elijah by entering his mind. Kol is desperate to see his love Davina again, Hollow takes advantage of it and brings Davina back to life, but linking & trapping her.

Another episode directed by Daniel Gillies is Season 5 ‘There In The Disappearing Light’ which sees Klaus help his daughter Hope in dealing with the growing darkness inside her. Meanwhile, Antoinette comes seeking the help of Elijah. Marcel fights the nightwalkers along with the help of Josh who passes away while saving Marcel in the process.

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The CW

Joseph Morgan is currently working on DC’s TITANS. But he will always be attached with the role of Klaus Mikaelson. Did you know he has directed a total of three Originals Episodes.

Morgan’s first directorial episode is Season 3 ‘Behind The Black Horizon‘ which sees Elijah and Finn teaming up to locate the whereabouts of Freya who has been taken away by Lucien Castle. Kol has been taken away by the uncontrollable hunger of his vessel, he was corrupted by the Ancestors when he returned to the land of living.

Another episode directed by Morgan is Season 4 Episode ‘Keepers of the House‘ where the Mikaelsons return back to New Orleans after Hope has suddenly fallen ill. Vincent realizes it’s Hollow who is behind the missing children. Freya and Keelin team up to steal some of the venom of Marcel to build a weapon which can destroy him.

The third and final episode directed by Joseph Morgan is ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas’ of Season 5. This episode revolves around Elijah Mikaelson who has got his memories and has no idea who he is, unable to control his basic vampiric impulses, he runs into Antoinette who is aware of his true identity. Antoinette helps Elijah in adjusting to his life as a vampire.

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