Originals: Behind The Scenes Facts That You Probably Don’t Know


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Direction is not easy, being a director is a pretty complicated job. It shows the tone of an episode and the influence of a director is pretty evident in an episode, it has his fingerprints all over it. But did you know during the five season run of the Originals, three cast members have been involved in the direction. They directed a total number of seven episodes. Joseph Morgan who played Klaus directed Season 3 Episode ‘Behind The Black Horizon‘ which featured the death of Finn Mikaelson, a tragic episode. He would go on to direct Season 4 episode ‘Keepers of the House‘ where Klaus and Marcel ends up becoming a victim of the Hollow, and Season 5 Episode 3 ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas‘.

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Charles Michael Davis who played Marcel Gerard would direct Season 4 Episode ‘High Water and A Devil’s Daughter‘ where his character saves Hope from enemies and Klaus/Marcel reconcile. He also directed Season 5 Episode 6 ‘What, Will, I, Have, Left‘ which featured the death of Hayley Marshall who sacrificed herself to save her family. And Daniel Gillies who played Elijah Mikaelson directed Season 4 Episode ‘Phantomesque’ where Freya tries repairing the damaged mind of Elijah and Hayley gets to see what’s behind the Red Door, and he also Season 5 Episode ‘There in the Disappearing Light’.


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The final two season of the Originals saw Hollow as the big bad villain who craved power. She possessed Hope and in order to save the beloved Hope, the siblings had to absorb the divided piece of Hollow inside them and live apart. In the final Season, Hope reabsorbs the spirit of Hollow which is killing her. To save his daughter, Klaus transfers the entire dark spirit from her to inside him. But Elijah won’t let him end his life alone, he joins him in the grand afterlife adventure.

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When Joseph Morgan appeared at the 2018 TVD Convention, he was asked about an alternate ending that he could do for The Originals or TVD, and his idea was surprising. He said that years after the show is over, you see a door, and there’s a knock at the door. Stefan would open the door and find Damon standing. Then suddenly a stake peers through this chest as he falls down. Then you see Klaus standing there saying SURPRISE!

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