5 People Who Only Eat One Thing!

Welcome back to Humor Nation. Today we take a look at people who only eat one thing, yes you read that right. These people only eat one food item and survive on it everyday.

So Let’s Take A Look At 5 People Who Only Eat One Thing!

5. Elliot Imogen

Elliot has an illness that could cause allergic reactions from a huge list of things. In fact many foods could even kill her, but there is one miracle food that seems to be helping keep her alive. That is Fish fingers. When even going out in the sunlight could trigger a massive allergic reaction your daily life is pretty dangerous and little Imogen’s body rejects almost every food she’s tried to eat. At the very least her family makes sure her daily diet is gluten free, but fish fingers seem to be one of the only foods that have been deemed safe for little Imogen.

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4. Dave Nunley

Dave is 29 years old, is a fussy eater not necessarily because he doesn’t like the taste, but because he also has a phobia of other foods. He’s genuinely afraid they will make him ill so his entire diet includes nothing but cheese. In fact Nunley goes through almost 250 pounds of mild cheddar every year.

Dave Nunley is neither proud nor happy about his condition, he says he’s never had a hot meal in his life and that includes hot cheese. He claims his throat goes tight and he starts sweating when he smells it, but that he is desperate to change. The only variation to his diet might be a slice of different cheese or a few salt and vinegar crisps. It’s boring when all you have to look forward to for dinner is cheese.

3. Hanna Little

5 People Who Only Eat One Thing!

For Hanna Little, attempting to eat any food other than fries or chips would make her feel ill. Since age 5, Hanna has lived on a diet of chips, she has tried to overcome her fears of other foods. In 2005, in fact she made headlines when she underwent a hypnotherapy session to try to conquer her fears. It was seemingly at least a little successful because she was able to eat pizza after the first session.

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2. Dan Jansen

If you told someone you were on a pizza only diet, you’d probably get one of two reactions people would want to kill you or they think you were a hero. Such as the life of Dan Jannsen, a man whose obsession for pizza is a cut above the rest. It’s believed that 38-year old Jansen has been eating pizza for almost every meal for around 25 years. He claims he survives mainly on coffee in the morning so breakfast isn’t an issue, but for lunch he will down a whole pizza and then at dinnertime another whole pizza. He claims to have tried things like vegetables for a couple of weeks, but it didn’t work for him.

1. Leah Frost

For some just the thought of eating tinned spaghetti turns their stomach. For Leah Frost on the other hand it’s the only thing on the menu. Leah Frost is 17 years old and is a college student from Leeds. This slender young lady has eaten the same rubbery meal since she was a child. Family members have tried all sorts of different things to try to convince her to vary her diet. They’ve even resorted to therapy, but the only changes that Leah has agreed to was to add a few items to her limited menu like chips, bread, cheese and sponge cake.

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