10 People That look Exactly Like Disney Characters!

Disney characters
This is an interesting thing as these people have so much resemblance with the actual cartoon characters that is hard to believe.

Hello and welcome back to the Humor Nation guys. Today we’re talking about the people who look exactly like Disney characters. This is an interesting thing as these people have so much resemblance with the actual cartoon characters that is hard to believe.

Take A Look At These 10 People That look Exactly Like Disney Characters

1. Kristoff From Frozen

How much does this guy look like Kristoff from frozen? Like really, though even when he wears a beanie hat, Cole Labrant looks spot-on. He has so much resemblance and he’s actually trying to look like Kristoff. If they ever make a live-action frozen, I hope this guy gets the role.

2. Dove Cameron

She looks so much like the queen of Arendelle. Dove Cameron is already in a Disney fold starring on the Disney Channel as the leading lady from Liv and Maddie and she can sing too which would make her a perfect Elsa. Also, Dove really looks the part in these pictures. It is all about the eye shape as well as the cheeks and the slightly pointed cute nose.

3. Khal Drogo

Has anyone ever noticed how Game of Thrones Khal Drogo looks a lot like Scar from The Lion King? It’s all about the facial hair and the scar on the same eye. May be, Drogo was styled based on Scar but I have to say I always thought Scar was gay but Karl Drogo, on the other hand, is definitely not.

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4. Captain Hook Aka Russell Brand

The British comedian looks a lot like the Peter Pan villain. It seems like we weren’t the only ones that noticed. Photographer Annie Leibovitz took some snaps of Aka Russell Brand dressed as Captain Hook. If the shoe or the hook fits then why not go with it. This guy looks exactly like the captain hook.

5. Moana And Maui

We have an Australian brother and sister who look a lot like Moana and Maui. Moana Clarke and her brother Thomas live in Queensland and they look a lot like a pair from Disney’s latest movie. The brother looks exactly like Maui but the girl maybe looks like Moana but a lot older. But, her name is already Moana by coincidence.

6. Linguini From Ratatouille

We have this guy who looks like Linguini from Ratatouille. He is even holding a copy of Ratatouille on DVD because he knows the front cover is some of his finest portrait work. I wonder if this guy has a best friend flash cooking rat in his life too.

7. Real Life Beast

Jean Sarkozy, son of former president of France literally should have been cast as Beast in the live-action remake of beauty and a beast. He looks so much like Adam, the Beast in human form. Not only he is attractive rich and blond like the Beast, he is also freaking French which makes so much sense.

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8. Merida

We have a teenager who looks a lot like Merida. A 19-year-old girl and a Redditor who chose to remain anonymous posted a picture of her in a Merida outfit. She looks exactly like the brave princess. Her hair is all real and she looks so much like the brave leading lady. She even knows archery which is remarkable.

9. Russell

We have a kid who looks exactly like Russell from Up. This kid is so cute and he has a complete resemblance from the actual character. You can look yourself guys.

10. Carl Fredricksen

We have this man who looks exactly like Carl Fredricksen. Carl is one of my favourite Disney characters ever. I really hope that this guy who I’m convinced is Carl in real life to have a lot easier life. There is an amazing resemblance here.

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